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HITMAN202 -> New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 3:07:30 PM)

On turn 3 AGS I'm getting a strange checkerboard set up. Spaced apart 1 hex are two units back to back. Then one hex back is a second network of the same formation, staggered to the first row.


The simple carpet can be isolated in small pockets. This can't. Thoughts ??? XX

In a normal carpet it's easily to surround 3-4 units to slowly reduce it. This is so interlocking, it's impossible. Thoughts ???

terje439 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 3:42:14 PM)

Panzers needed I think.


Attack the YY with infantry, move panzers to the 2nd Y and attack the ZZs. Should allow you to create small pockets, but might be very timeconsuming.


terje439 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 5:10:33 PM)

Forgot to add, if this takes place over a large section of the front, I would attack with two PzA's some 15 hexes apart, and then the following turn, one of two should happen;
a) your opponent falls back to save his forces, allowing you to attack them in the open
b) you will form a larger pocket, which should net you some 15-20 units.


smokindave34 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 7:56:11 PM)

Can you post a screenshot?

Michael T -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 9:11:16 PM)

Yes, screen shot please.

HITMAN202 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 10:40:00 PM)

Here is the screenshot:


Michael T -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 11:16:03 PM)

To be honest I think its a pile of junk. A well prepared attack will demolish that defence. A little patience on your behalf is required, thats all. This kind of pattern will work (just like any checkerboard) at the end of the Axis supply lines. But west of the Dneipr it should be readily trashed.

HITMAN202 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/21/2013 11:42:39 PM)

I'll have 11 Pz, each with 20-30 MP's remaining at the friendly/enemy hex line. I don' want to just blow uo the center (and that may not be possible because any retreating unit will fall back to the next checkerboard line), but dent the checkerboard and pocket some units. The interlocking ZOC's are a pain, to say the least. I'm thinking of a southern sweep two hexes south of Vinnitsa to occupy the hex that is 4 east and 1 SE of Vinnista (I have 2 inf div that can "hold" the Vinnista sothern shoulder).. and make a big push 4 hex rows north of Vinnista to retreat the doubled units and then swing south to connect with the southern sweep's target hex. ???

A plan to accomplish the same encirclement north of Zhitomir seams to be a bit much and has the bulk of my force on the edge, not the center of this unusual checkerboard. ???

Michael T -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/22/2013 12:01:56 AM)

The key to cracking this kind of defence is to have two groups of mech units. The first are the bully boys, lower MP with high CV (i.e. Panzers), they blow open the hole. The second group are lower CV high MP (i.e. Mot Inf), they drive through the hole or push aside any lingering resistance and go on the wreak havoc in the rear. Having all your mech units at 25-30 MP is no good. Once the hole is created you need some dudes with 45 plus MP. This close to the rail heads regular supply should keep most units at 25 to 30. Use your Air supply and/or HQ BU to have a Corp or two at close to 50MP. You need to be planning MP allowances well ahead.

Klydon -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/22/2013 4:08:17 AM)

Also need to make sure your higher movement guys are also the elite moral ones or may be surprised that they don't get that far with higher movement costs in enemy territory wiping out their higher starting movement.

M60A3TTS_slith -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/22/2013 4:03:39 PM)

Agree with the above posts. It doesn't look like a checkerboard that can't be cracked. Multiple sets of mech units should be able to do the job easy.

timmyab -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/22/2013 4:51:53 PM)

Not seen one of those before.I'd say this guy knows what he's doing.The main danger for the defender here is units routing.If the checkerboard is full of weak units then blow a hole through the middle and drive through it.If it's full of strongish units that are likely to keep doggedly retreating then it's more awkward.You could just play conservatively and surround a few of them or you could try to take it apart.Basically, go for a pocket if the units are strong and cut a hole through it if they're weak.

Flaviusx -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/22/2013 10:58:33 PM)

I don't like it. Checkerboards, as Michael says, only work at the ragged edge of a German advance already stretched out and running on fumes. Otherwise, you're just handing hostages to fortune, and this checkerboard hands over more such hostages than usual. Not cost effective. If you can actually get away with a checkerboard, then you ought to use one that requires the least amount of units as possible, whereas this one is so extravagant you might as well just throw up a line.

I hardly checkerboard anymore as it is. Even down south east of the Dnepr. I prefer pickets with an MLR placed to the rear of it, but even this doesn't work west of the Dnepr much. You really need to run down south nowadays and show the Axis a clean pair of heels once the factory evac is covered.

Ketza -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/23/2013 12:47:24 AM)

With that set up he may as set up like Flavius with a screen/MLR. Lately I go with a a double MLR that retreats every turn 6-8 hexes.

HITMAN202 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/23/2013 1:30:44 PM)

My daughter still has to help me with the screen shots. [&:][:-] I took Timmyjab's advice (actually I did it prior to his two cents.) You'll (MT,K, and M60) are right, but I didn't have the big MP "studs." Remember it's only the 3rd turn and I changed my AGS plan in that I used the Pz activated on turn 2 to to "bully" units that were slowing the infantry to the front. The infantry at the extreme front on the screen shot above had been partially moved. I'll show the postmortum (and MT I had 3 Pz that I didn't use that will take your advice, next turn [:D][:D].)

HITMAN202 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/23/2013 8:25:01 PM)

Here's the post mortum. i personally like. I can swing north or south and even hit the Dnper. Three Pz are looking for some a** to whip.


HITMAN202 -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/23/2013 8:46:24 PM)

Here's the combat picture/pattern


sillyflower -> RE: New type of checkerboard (1/26/2013 4:19:20 PM)

I agree checkerboard is rarely the right approach, though it has its place.

whilst this one was nothing to do with me (rapid disowning of team mate) it is important to remember:

1 Almost anyone can destroy someone else
2 To destroy a man utterly, you first have to give him hope. That is a rarer skill partly as as few realise its value, and it is harder to do.
3 The metagame is often the best part

Enjoy your glimpse of hope, Hitman. You just pretend through your avatar to be vicious when you are a softie IRL. What I pretend,or not, I will leave you to work out[sm=comp16.gif]

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