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el cid again -> The 10 cm Type 98 DP gun (1/20/2013 8:01:15 PM)

In stock and every mod I have checked - including ones you might assume I would not check -

Device 763 is the land version of the fairly fabulous Type 98 naval gun.

It is used, for example, by formation 2114, "IJN Minor Base Force" - although apparently not in more appropriate places (e.g. the JNAF 44 Home AF Base Force, slot 2297).

This gun was indeed used ashore in numbers - by 1945 at least 114 were installed at naval air bases.

But the idea that several times this number start the war in such service, and that at minor naval bases, is an error.

It may be an honest one - one device up is a 8 cm Type 88 DP gun in very widespread service - more so than any other AA gun at Japanese naval bases. It is possible that device 762 was intended and 763 got selected. I have also seen what I think are software induced errors when saving from the editor - occasionally device numbers shift upward by one.

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