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Tomasek -> Allied player needed - CLOSED (1/20/2013 5:21:22 PM)

Scenario 1, Standard map with stacking limits.

I am looking for bold and aggressive Allied commander. Obviously I do not expect suicide missions, but move everything to West Coast, wait till 1944 and move back is not funny. Typically ABDA ships should withdraw from DEI without significant damage (or battle), the same applies for PoW/Repulse, if they survive day 1 (hope not :-). I have some experience with Witp AE (2 games till 43 and 2 till 44)...
I can make 1 turn per day in average (UK time zone); the opponent should match it.

1 day turn
Advanced Weather: ON
Realistic R&D: OFF
December surprise, faulty USN torpedoes, allied damage control, FOW
Auto subs: OFF
Historical turn OFF Small adjustment for Japs side, NO changes on Allied size

House Rules:
Pay PP to move restricted units across borders (with exception of Mongol Army)
Combat plane max altitude 25000 feet (except for B29 etc)
No gamey air unit resize using carriers
No army 4Es flying naval attacks after 06/1942; minimum alt 15000 ft (before 06/1942)
Players cannot ever build level 9 airfields (this one to make more sense to air war)
No strategic bombing in China
Only harassment night bombing (maybe about 30 bombers each theater)
4Es can only occasionally fly ground bombing missions
No picket ships except of inner defensive circle around Japan
Unload troops only in base or dot base
Attack enemy base only with decent chance of success (i.e. no "recon" para attacks and unloading etc)
No subs amphibious ops


kaleun -> RE: Allied player needed (1/20/2013 5:47:12 PM)

PM sent

Tomasek -> RE: Allied player needed (1/20/2013 6:48:11 PM)

Thanks folks for many mails - CLOSED...

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