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Omnius -> 1.07 Bug Report & Observations (1/20/2013 3:56:09 PM)

I got the 1.07 unofficial patch working and noticed a new spiffy front end graphic, looks cool.

With Fog of War on I can still click on unseen hexes in enemy territory and see if there is a unit in any hex by seeing a blank unit box pop up in the hexers with unseen units.

In the 1945 scenario please fix the USA "artillery" research level from 5 to 4 and put back the two tech investment lightbulbs. My original suggestion to get rid of the lightbulbs was not properly thought out, my current suggestion to have the USA infantry start with level 4 and have to research to level 5 makes sense. It also zeroes out the progress and cost amounts that look dorky at the end of the game.

The losse dealt and taken do not add up correctly. On turn 6 in the new 1945 scenario I was the USSR and noticed that I had only taken 100,000 manpower casualties. I knew that was wrong since I saw one full strength infantry army with 100,000 get killed plus there were many other attacks so I should have seen several hundred thousand manpower kills.

I did a short test of this. On the first turn I witnessed two attacks by the NATO AI. One was an attack by the US on the Czech Army near Prague that the combat report showed caused 55,000 "Bounced Czechs" (my droll accounting humor). The losses taken line for Czechoslovakia showed 16K, in other words less than a third of the actual reported. The second was a UK attack on a USSR unit that caused 11,200 manpower kills. The USSR losses taken amopunt showed 3.4K, once again one third of the actual.

Something is factoring actual combat casualties by one third from the time we see the number killed in the initial combat report while the turn is running to the losses dealt and taken line. A real shame is that the after-combat report we see in the reports section does not show us actual numbers of men, tanks, artillery of AFV's killed like the report right after combat, just the number of strength points. We should see the same combat report we see during combat that dows the exact number of kills in each category. Only then will we really be able to add up kills to verify how far off the losses dealt and taken line shows.

I did witness the US AI use it's first atomic bomb. It dropped one on a large tank army on the Baltic coast on turn 6. I would have dropped it on the tank army sitting in Dresden since it was sitting on a city defense hex plus it provides supply.

Nuclear attacks do not cause casualties on the losses dealt and taken report. The nuclear strikes report is rather meaningless as to reporting casualties after the fact. It does show us the hex and turn but not the result.

I like the new changes that reduce the effects of nuclear attacks. I'm glad the blast range has been limited to the attack hex and the much reduced social unrest percentages. Now having multiple atomic bombs in a scenario won't tilt the game too much in it's favor like before.

Here's something to consider regarding nuclear attacks. What happens when a nuclear attack happens on home soil or the territory of an ally? Say in the 1945 scenario the USSR takes Hamburg and then the USA decides to a-bomb Hamburg to get rid of the capturing unit? The controlling player would be the UK even if the current owner is the USSR. So who gets the social unrest damage? Should the UK get the social unrest damage since it is the controller? Should the USSR get it for nuking an enemy's home country? How about both getting the social unrest damage?

Another conundrum I see with nukes is residual radiation effects. Should friendly units be precluded from moving into a nuclear bombed hex on the same turn of the nuclear attack? Should there not be a one turn waiting period for friendly units to enter a nuclear bombed hex, heck for that matter even enemy units should be precluded. I'm thinking that it would be cool to use the amphibious assault routine that damages landing units, that way units from either side could move into a just nuked hex but they'd have to suffer damage from lingering radiation if they do just as if they had done an amphibious landing on the hex.

Now, back to the war.

doomtrader -> RE: 1.07 Bug Report & Observations (1/20/2013 6:40:26 PM)

Casaulties modifier is 30% IIRC, so if a unit with 100k men was completely destroyed, then the report will show only 30k

Omnius -> Misleading Statitics (1/21/2013 10:51:33 PM)


ORIGINAL: doomtrader

Casaulties modifier is 30% IIRC, so if a unit with 100k men was completely destroyed, then the report will show only 30k

Why give us misleading statistics? Is this some kind of politically correct nonsense? The "losses" dealt or taken doesn't qualify what kind of losses such as killed or wounded or captured, just losses. So why not report the total number of "losses" as if from all causes that match up to the casualty reports we see for each combat. Since there are no pools of men or equipment that some may escape back to it really makes no sense to give us reduced numbers.

I still doubt that losses from nuclear attacks are being tallied up for the losses dealt or taken, I'll do a quick test to see if that's changed.

doomtrader -> RE: Misleading Statitics (1/22/2013 10:57:28 AM)

Fighting force of each unit is about 30% of the number of men in a unit. So usually cooks and drivers just run away.

Omnius -> RE: Misleading Statitics (1/27/2013 3:19:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: doomtrader

Fighting force of each unit is about 30% of the number of men in a unit. So usually cooks and drivers just run away.

Then the use of "losses" isn't the correct term, you're now just filtering out every other kind of loss and should rename that to "kills". I'd rather know how many "losses" i caused in total, now have to multiply by 3.3 to get the right idea. Are the different equipment types also factored downwards to 30% or shown at full value?

JohnTargus -> RE: Misleading Statitics (2/10/2013 10:20:40 PM)

1.07 displays funny on both W7 and 8. Overlarge buttons, can't select anything. Totally screwed up interface, this needs more work before it is released...[:@]

doomtrader -> RE: Misleading Statitics (2/11/2013 8:32:29 AM)

Could you please post a screenshot?

JohnTargus -> RE: Misleading Statitics (2/17/2013 7:53:59 PM)


No... I try the print screen function but things seem not to be working while I'm locked into the messed up screen.

Tried snip-it... no, can't get outside of the game to do anything. I can do ctrl-alt-del to get task manager up to kill it, but then I loose the screens (I find it odd that works but nothing else)

I've uninstalled this beta and returned to the previous installation 1.04.

... bummer....[8|]

doomtrader -> RE: Misleading Statitics (2/23/2013 2:10:28 PM)

Please run the game in windowed mode
Then for sure you will be able to make print screens

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