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Dimitris -> Build Roll - mirror (1/20/2013 11:53:51 AM)

Mirrored from our primary "Build Roll" thread.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (1/20/2013 11:54:38 AM)

Build 325
* Movement of land units is now constrained by terrain slope; the steeper the slower. You _can_ drive a truck convoy through a mountain, but it will be much slower than going through a valley.
* Terrain slope also now affects radar clutter. A low-flying aircraft skimming over a mountain side is significantly harder to track (from a look-down capable radar) than when it is flying over a wheat field or open sea, even with clear line of sight.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (1/20/2013 11:55:01 AM)

Build 331
* Better submarine AI for deciding under which circumstances to rise to periscope depth to recharge batteries.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (1/20/2013 4:22:03 PM)

Build 332
* Refined battery recharge rates for snorkelling submarines
* Implemented look-down shoot-down restrictions for airborne radars (a first in the genre!). Aircraft equipped with radars with no LDSD ability (e.g. F-4B, MiG-25) cannot detect targets below them at all. Aircraft with limited LDSD ability (e.g. F-4J, MiG-23) can detect targets up to a look-down angle of 15 deg. Aircraft with full LDSD ability (e.g. F-15, MiG-31) can detect targets below through their full scan limits.
* Forbidden zones have been renamed to Exclusion ZOnes and Nav Zones have been renamed to No-Navigation Zones. These terms better illustrate the functionality of these zones and are more consistent with historical examples (e.g. the RN's exclusion zone around the Falklands).
* Includes the DB3000 v347 with various additions for scenarios under construction.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/10/2013 7:39:31 PM)

Build 333
* Added a separate branch to the BVR merge AI, for fighters without LDSD capability. Instead of flying very high, the aircraft will position itself just below the target's last reported altitude in order to be able to detect it prior to launching its BVR missiles (and to provide illumination for them if necessary). This BTW means that even between two aircraft with the very same airframe, powerplant and weaponry (e.g. F-4B & F-4J with identical Sparrow load), the one with LDSD ability holds a substantial kinematic advantage (typically translated to greater weapons reach) as it can afford to take the high ground prior to weapon launch.

* Aircraft on a mission (and especially strike & patrol) now make more agressive/pre-emptive use of available tankers. Instead of seeking them to refuel only after they are bingo (sometimes this can happen deep into the ingress leg), they instead top-up from them preemptively if they are in or near their path, to maximize endurance at fence-check. This greatly simplifies the management of long-range/endurance air ops.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/10/2013 7:39:43 PM)

Build 337
Scen authors can now use HTML formatting for the scenario descriptions and per-side briefings.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/10/2013 7:40:04 PM)

Build 340
• The scenario author can now customize the realism settings for each scenario. The player can accept these settings or override them with his preferences. The player’s default preferences are automatically saved.
• Reference points can now be selectively locked/unlocked by the scen author (e.g. to define strict no-navigation areas).
• Includes the Cold War DB v3.2.5 and DB3000 v348 with lots of fixes and new updates.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/10/2013 7:40:29 PM)

Build 342
Several improvements to dogfight mechanics & AI. Among them:
* Aircraft now bleed speed much more rapidly during tight turns. Their acceleration also suffers a lot more.
* Pilots aggressively try to maintain at least corner speed (sometimes even trying to avoid stalling, after prolonged manouvering) in a dogfight by engaging their afterburners if available. This makes fuel fraction (and general bingo status, e.g. friendly base or tanker nearby) much more critical because exiting a fight due to low fuel almost always means giving the opponent at least one “free” shot, unless the pilot can afford to dash out.
* Pilots can now fire fixed guns on slight deflection at a few +/- degrees off-axis (using rudder or pitch override). Rear-aspect IR missiles (e.g. AIM-9P, R-60M) also have an expanded rear-quarter envelope.
The changes combine to make dogfights much more like RL accounts; short, semi-unpredictable and utterly vicious.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/12/2013 9:02:58 PM)

Build 343
Cluster bombs/warheads now have their dispersion pattern thickness adjusted just prior to release, depending on the target area size. This allows them to remain relatively effective even against very small-sized targets. (The reduced coverage area however also means that a small, fast target has a fair chance of avoiding the bomblet cloud altogether)

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (2/16/2013 10:14:51 PM)

Build 345
• Wholly revised classification/identification pipeline for ESM detections. The new logic takes into account factors such as the range of possible matches derived from identified emissions (nailing down a ship with a “Palm Front” emitter is much easier than, say, a Decca navigation radar used by half the globe), the ESM sensor technological level, the time for which the contact has been held etc. Contacts are typically first type-identified (e.g. “destroyer”) and subsequently more precisely classified (e.g. “Udaloy class”) although an operator may get lucky/unlucky on either step.

• Submarines transiting to/from their patrol areas now prefer to snorkel en-route in order to conserve their battery/AIP for the patrol itself. If a nearby threat is detected (e.g. prowling MPA) the sub will dive until the threat is over, then rise again to periscope to continue recharging.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (3/1/2013 10:37:55 AM)

Build 349
* New map layer option: Display non-friendly range symbols. When enabled, range rings/wedges for class-identified contacts are displayed. The maximum potential ranges of sensors & weapons are displayed (worst-case assumption about enemy capabilities). To distinguish from friendly range-symbols, these are displayed using dashed rather than solid lines. They can be visually merged just like friendly range symbols.


* Includes Ragnar's improved Scandinavian terrain dataset.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (3/6/2013 11:04:35 AM)

Build 351
* Significant sensor feature added: Littoral clutter for surface-search radars. Factors that affect this are:
- Amount of land in close proximity around the ship (even a few scattered islands help; a coast is better, a cove is practically an invisibility cloak).
- Radar operating frequency (higher frequencies are usually less susceptible)
- Antenna type (phased arrays get a big bonus because they can instantly revisit suspicious echoes and stick on them).
- Radar tech level (software processing helps modern systems a lot)
- Ship size (easier for a FAC to blend-in than a cruiser)

Under the right conditions, even a fairly large ship can practically vanish from radar sensors by exploiting nearby terrain. This is very significant for littoral ops.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (3/11/2013 11:14:33 PM)

Build 354
Relative (ie. anchored) reference points can now be of either fixed (default) or rotating bearing type.
Fixed-bearing refpoints are useful for defining points/areas that remain on a specific true bearing from a unit regardless of the unit’s heading (e.g. “I want a constant CAP screen between my HVU and the enemy airbase”.
Rotating-bearing refpoints are handy when the unit’s heading does matter (e.g. “I want an ASW patrol always directly ahead of my task force, regardless of my heading”).
Have added extra menu commands to create either refpoint type and also switch from one type to another.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (3/21/2013 8:33:56 PM)

Build 358
* Added tweak on the DLZ calcs: If the target is an aircraft, the calculations will take into consideration a 10% fuel reserve for the weapon. This ensures that the AI will not perform edge-of-envelope shots against maneuverable targets (so turning tail and running from a SAM/AAM is now almost always pointless).

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (4/4/2013 9:44:35 PM)

Build 363
* Performance fully restored on scenarios with complex no-navigation zones.

* Infantry units now have a maximum speed of 5 knots (actual speed varies by terrain slope).

* Includes updated versions of "The Shark", "Battle of Dong Hoi" and "Standing Naval Force Atlantic".

* Includes a new CWDB scenario by Paul: "Raid on Dwarka".

* Includes the CWDB v3.2.9 with the following additions:
- US Army UH-1 Huey versions
- Updated F-104 A,C,D & G Starfighter RWR
- Added Mayak-class AGIs

* Includes the DB3000 v356 with the following additions:
Airbus A.330-200 MRTT -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 2013, 3x + 3x
RE-3A Sentry [ELINT] -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 3x
E-3A Sentry RSIP -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 2010, 5x
KE-3A Sentry [Tanker & Transport] -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 1988, 8x, then 5x
EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 2011
Ka-52K Hokum B -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2016, Naval
Ka-52 Hokum B -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 2012
Ka-50 Hokum A [Black Shark] -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 1996, Ca 8-12x
Arty Bty (155mm/33 CITEFA Model 77 Towed Howitzer x 4) -- Argentina (Army)
Inf Plt (Recon) -- Generic (Army), Armed
Radar (DDMT 1A RASIT) -- France (Army), 1977
Radar (LMT-3190B RASIT) -- Argentina (Army)
SSM Trailer (MM.38 ITB) -- Argentina (Navy), 1982-1982, Ex-ARA Segui, Instalación de Tiro Berreta
SAM Section (AEGIS Ashore) -- United States (Army), 2016
US SOC-R -- United States (Navy), 2003, Special Operations Craft-Riverine
US 7m Standard Navy RHIB -- United States (Navy), Willard
US 11m NWS SpecOps RHIB -- United States (Navy), 1993
DKA Serna [Pr.1177.0] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 1995
MRK Bora [Pr.1239 Sivuch] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 1998, 1x + 1x, Air Cushion Missile Ship
SKR Admiral Sergey Gorshkov [Pr.2235.0] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2014
BDK Vitse Admiral Ivan Gren [Pr.1171.1] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2014
MPK Gremyashchy [Pr.2038.5, Improved Steregushchy] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2016
MPK Steregushchy [Pr.2038.0] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2012, 1x Unit
MPK Soobrazitelny [Pr.2038.1, Mod Steregushchy] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2015, Third unit, SA-N-21c
SKR Admiral Grigorovich [Pr.1135.6M] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2015
BDK Vladivostok [Mod Mistral Class] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2016, French-built
PL-636.3 Kilo [Varshavyanka] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 2014
PL-877V Kilo [Paltus] -- Russia [1992-] (Navy), 1992, 1x Unit, Pumpjet Propulsion
S 34 Tikuna [Type 209-1400 Mod] -- Brazil (Navy), 2012, Improved Tupi, 1x Unit
S 30 Tupi [Type 209-1400] -- Brazil (Navy), 2012
M30A1 GMLRS ER [90kg HE] -- 2005
SA-N-21c Growler [9M96] -- 2016
Paket-NK -- Russia
SA-N-24 Grouse [9M342] -- 2005, 9K338 Igla-S, Anti-SSM Capable
RIM-161B SM-3 NTW Blk IB -- 2016

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (4/4/2013 9:44:53 PM)

Build 364
New doctrine/RoE option: Automatic Evasion (Default: True). When True, units will automatically attempt to kinematically evade imminent threats, and ignore player-issued course commands. When False, units will continue on their course and obey player commands as before (they will still engage any threats with soft/hard-kill defences but will not attempt to outrun/outmanouver them).

TheWombat -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (4/7/2013 2:55:13 PM)

This is sounding better and better all the time...

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (4/20/2013 7:43:24 PM)

Build 370
* New patrol type: SEAD patrol. Units assigned to this mission will patrol the given area and engage any anti-air threats (including identified early-warning radars). A SEAD-dedicated loadout is not necessary for this, although obviously SEAD-optimized systems will be more efficient & survivable. Note that all unit types can be assigned to this patrol, not just aircraft (e.g. USN ships in Vietnam were often tasked with SEAD patrols, and fitted with ARM-modified versions of their SAMs.)
* Numerous tweaks & improvements on submarine/ASW mechanics & AI (thanks to Stormrider for a detailed walkthrough of flaws).

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (5/3/2013 10:50:38 PM)

Build 374
* Aircraft under AI control (no manual altitude override) will attempt to match their altitude to that defined on their loadout's mission profile. This altitude can very from 200ft/66m (e.g. most loadouts for Tornado IDS, F-111, Su-24, B-1B, most late B-52s etc.) all the way to the stratosphere and beyond (MiG-25RB, most early B-52s, present-day JDAM CAS etc.) and is dependent on a number of factors (weapon requirements, typical aircraft CONOPS etc.). The player can still override this altitude manually.

* The loadout selection window now includes the mission profile attack altitude for each loadout, so that players can take this factor into account during mission preparation & planning.

* Includes updated version of all tutorial scenarios plus "Duelists", "Khark Island 85", "Stand Up", "North Pacific Shootout" and "Tee Up".

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (5/12/2013 8:02:27 AM)

Build 378
* The player can now select to view the message log on a separate window instead of having it embedded on the map (Game -> Game Options).
This choice is saved as part of the game preferences.

ETF -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (5/15/2013 4:57:08 PM)

Love these updates.....I could get popcorn out and read them :)

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (5/24/2013 10:16:13 PM)

Build 381
* New doctrine option: "Maintain Standoff" (True by default). Ships that have this option enabled will attempt to maintain their weapon-range advantage against their primary target if they have one (even manouver away from the target to open the range if necessary). If they are disadvantaged or have no information on enemy weapons they charge headlong as standard.
* Shared magazines are now supported for all land group types instead of just airbases. So you can e.g. group multiple SAM or artillery batteries with multiple ammo bunkers and they can be resupplied from any of them.
* Significant speed improvements in "heavy" scenarios.
* Includes new Swedish imports by Jakob.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/1/2013 5:02:22 PM)

Build 386
* Ship UNREP has been improved; ships now also replenish missing weapons if possible, in addition to refuelling. The "shopping list" for items to be transferred is deliberately based on the default rather than maximum weapon counts for each weapon record, to avoid problems of first-weapon overloading (a.k.a. "We crammed the whole ship with gun rounds and now there's no room left for missiles").

* Includes updates & fixes to "Trapped Under Ice", "Iron Hand", "Operation Market Time" and "Raven 21 is Down".

* Includes numerous import updates & additions by Rag & Mike.

* Includes a new round of terrain & import fixes by Rag. Fixes include:
- Swedish coastline, incl new islands and correctly placed radars and coastal forts.
- Finnish coastline, ditto, tons of new islands and corrected INST.
- Norwegian coastline, ditto.
- Danish coastline, incl new INST with island I-HAWK site.
- German & Polish coastline, incl raising land and correctly placing SA-2/3 sites.
- Baltic states coastline and raising land for correct positioning of SA-2/3/10 sites
- Kola coast, adjusted elevation data and coastline. New Inst as well.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/8/2013 9:34:34 PM)

Build 387
* Wholly revised BDA mechanics & UI additions (full details on follow-up).

* Includes a new DB3000 scenario by Mike: "Shamal" (Desert Storm air ops).

* Includes revised Finnish imports by Jakob.

* Includes the DB3000 v376, with lots of fixes and the following additions:

3MN-1 Bison B [Bomber] -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Long Range Aviation [DA]), 1960-1985
A-109BA Agusta [HO, Scout] -- Belgium (Army), 1994, 18x
A-37B Dragonfly [Super Tweet] -- Guatemala (Air Force), 1972
A-37B Dragonfly [Super Tweet] -- Honduras (Air Force), 1976
A-37B Dragonfly [Super Tweet] -- Uruguay (Air Force), 1977
A-4H Skyhawk [Ahit] -- Israel (Air Force), 1984
A-4N Skyhawk [Ahit] -- Israel (Air Force), 1984
A-4P Skyhawk [A-4C] -- Argentina (Air Force), 1977-1996, 25x, 5x Hardpoints, 4th Air Brigade
A-7D Corsair II -- United States (Air National Guard), 1987
A-7H Corsair II -- Greece (Air Force), 1976
A-7K Corsair II [TA-7D] -- United States (Air Force), 1989
AH-1S Cobra -- Israel (Army), 1979
AH-1S Cobra -- Israel (Army), 1983
AH-1S Cobra -- United States (Army), 1981
BR.1050 Alize -- India (Navy), 1962-1990, 12x + 5x, Shore-Based from 1987
BR.1150 Atlantic 1 -- Pakistan (Navy), 1975
Buccaneer S.50 -- South Africa (Air Force), 1966
C-130B Hercules -- Indonesia (Air Force), 1961, 8x + 3x
C-130B Hercules -- Singapore (Air Force), 1978, 2x
C-130H Hercules -- Argentina (Air Force), 1982, Falklands War Mod
C-130H Hercules -- Indonesia (Air Force), 1980, 3x + 7x C-130HS
C-130H Hercules -- Singapore (Air Force), 1981, 3x
C-130H-30 Hercules -- Indonesia (Air Force), 1996, 7x
C-130J-30 Hercules -- Italy (Royal Air Force), 2001, 10x
CH-47A Chinook -- Thailand (Army), 1974
CH-47C Chinook -- Argentina (Air Force), 1981-2001, 3x
CH-47C Chinook -- Argentina (Army), 1981-2001, 2x
CH-47C Chinook -- Canada (Army), 1975-1991, 8x
CH-47C Chinook -- Iran (Air Force), 1974, 20x
CH-47C Chinook -- Iran (Army), 1974, 70x
CH-47C Chinook -- Italy (Army), 1973
CH-47C Chinook -- Spain (Army), 1976-2001
F-15A Eagle -- United States (Air Force), 1977
F-1A -- Japan (Air Force), 1990
F-4C Phantom II -- United States (Air Force), 1987
F-4D Phantom II -- United States (Air Force), 1981, Pave Spike
F-4D Phantom II -- United States (Air Force), 1988-1991
F-4E Phantom II -- United States (Air Force), 1981
F-4E Phantom II -- United States (Air Force), 1988-1990
F-4G Phantom II [Wild Weasel V] -- United States (Air Force), 1977
F-5A Freedom Fighter -- Ethiopia (Air Force), 1967-1984
F-5A Freedom Fighter -- South Korea (Air Force), 1966-1982
F-5A Freedom Fighter -- Taiwan (Air Force), 1966-1982
F-5A Freedom Fighter -- Thailand (Air Force), 1967-1983
F-5E Tiger II -- Ethiopia (Air Force), 1976-1985
F-7A Fishbed -- Albania (Air Force), 1980, 12x
Falcon 20C-ECM -- Norway (Royal Air Force), 2007, 2x
Falcon 50 -- Iraq (Air Force), 1986-1987, Ceased ASM operations after Stark attack
HKP-4D [Sea Knight] -- Sweden (Navy), 1992, 4x, SAR, Converted HKP-4A
J 32E Lansen -- Sweden (Air Force), 1974-1996, 15x
J-6A Farmer -- China (Air Force), 1976, MiG-19P Copy
J-7I Fishbed -- China (Air Force), 1977, PLAAF, Initial Production, Flawed
Jaguar A -- France (Air Force), 1981
Jaguar A -- France (Air Force), 1984
KC-130B Hercules -- Singapore (Air Force), 1986, 4x
KC-130H Hercules -- Singapore (Air Force), 1992, 1x
KC-130J Hercules -- Italy (Air Force), 2005
MB.326KC Impala II -- South Africa (Air Force), 1982-2004, 7x + 15x + 78x
MC-130E Combat Talon I -- United States (Air Force), 2009
MD-500M/ASW Defender -- Spain (Navy), 1996, No ASW Mission
Mi-25 Hind D -- Bulgaria (Army), 1981
Mi-25 Hind D -- Czechoslovakia [-1992] (Army), 1980
Mi-25 Hind D -- Hungary (Army), 1980
Mi-8T Hip C -- Bulgaria (Army), 1972
Mi-8T Hip C -- Germany [DDR, -1990] (Army), 1970-1990
Mi-8T Hip C -- Hungary (Army), 1970
Mi-8T Hip C -- India (Army), 1973
Mi-8T Hip C -- Poland (Army)
Mi-8T Hip C -- Somalia (Army), 1969
Mi-8TB Hip E -- Poland (Army)
MiG-21F-13 Fishbed C -- Germany [DDR, -1990] (None), 1962-1985, 74x
MiG-21FL Fishbed F -- North Korea (Air Force), 1978-1994, Export Mod MiG-21PFM
MiG-21MF Fishbed J -- Ethiopia (Air Force), 1978
MiG-21MF Fishbed J -- Somalia (Air Force), 1975-1997
MiG-21PF Fishbed D -- Iraq (Air Force), 1966-1991
MiG-21PF Fishbed D -- North Korea (Air Force), 1966
MiG-21R Fishbed H -- Hungary (Air Force), 1972, 12x
MiG-21RF Fishbed H -- Egypt (Air Force), 1974, 13x
MiG-23BN Flogger H -- Bulgaria (Air Force), 1979
MiG-23BN Flogger H -- Ethiopia (Air Force), 1978
MiG-23MF Flogger B -- Bulgaria (Air Force), 1983
MiG-23MF Flogger B -- Hungary (Air Force), 1980-1996
MiG-23ML Flogger G -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Frontal Aviation [VVS]), 1981
MiG-23MS Flogger E -- Cuba (Air Force), 1979
MiG-25PD Foxbat E -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Air Defence Troops [PVO]), 1980, Upgraded MiG-25P, No Drop Tanks
MiG-25PDS Foxbat E -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Air Defence Troops [PVO]), 1980
MiG-27 Flogger D -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Frontal Aviation [VVS]), 1981, MiG-23BM
Mirage 5BR -- Belgium (Air Force), 1971
Mirage 5BR -- Belgium (Air Force), 1984-1993
Mirage 5COR -- Colombia (Air Force), 1974, 2x
Mirage 5DR -- Libya (Air Force), 1973-2004
Mirage 5F -- France (Air Force), 1981-1998
Mirage 5G -- Gabon (Air Force), 1981
Mirage 5M -- Zaire (Air Force), 1976
Mirage 5RAD -- Abu Dhabi (Air Force), 1977-1999
Mirage 5V -- Venezuela (Air Force), 1973, 4x
Mirage F.1CG -- Greece (Air Force), 1973
Mirage IIIE -- France (Air Force), 1981, Nuke
Nimrod MR.2P -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1999
OH-6J Cayuse [MD-500D, Model 369HM] -- Japan (Army), 1974
OV-10A Bronco -- United States (Marine Corps), 1968-1991
OV-10C Bronco -- Thailand (Air Force), 1972-2002, 16 + 16 + 6
OV-10D Bronco -- United States (Marine Corps), 1980, 18x
OV-10D(+) Bronco -- United States (Marine Corps), 1991-1994
OV-1D Mohawk -- United States (Army), 1990-1995
RC-12K Guardrail Common Sensor 4 [King Air A200CT] -- Israel (Army), 1992
RF-5A Freedom Fighter -- Greece (Air Force), 1966
RF-5A Freedom Fighter -- Norway (Royal Air Force), 1966
RF-5A Freedom Fighter [SRF-5A] -- Spain (Air Force), 1970
RV-1D Mohawk [Quick Look II] -- United States (Army), 1990
SA.316B Alouette III -- Ecuador (Air Force), 1973, 11x
SA.316B Chetak MATCH [ASW, Alouette III] -- India (Navy), 1990
SA.319B Alouette III -- Chile (Navy), 1977-1991, 10x
SA.319B Alouette III -- Dominican Republic (Air Force), 1968-1987, 11x
SA.319B Alouette III -- France (Army), 1967
SA.319B Alouette III -- Malaysia (Air Force), 1964
SA.319B Alouette III -- Portugal (Navy), 1979
SA.319B Alouette III [SE.3160] -- Denmark (Navy), 1963-1982
SA.319B Alouette III [SE.3160] -- Netherlands (Air Force), 1963
SA.532SC Cougar [20mm Cannon] -- Saudi Arabia (Navy), 1991, 6x, SA.332F1 Mod
Sea King AEW.2A -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1987
Sea King HAS.5 -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1999-2000
Sea King HAS.6 -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1999
Sea King Mk45 [HAS.1] -- Pakistan (Navy), 1979
SH-3D Sea King -- Brazil (Navy), 1971, 4x + 2x
SH-3D Sea King [ASH-3D] -- Argentina (Navy), 1985-1989, 2x, Sank with polar transport ARA Bahia Parai
SH-3D Sea King [ASH-3D] -- Iran (Navy), 1979
SH-3D Sea King [ASH-3D] -- Peru (Navy), 1984
Tu-22K Blinder B -- Iraq (Air Force), 1982-1991, 4x, 200-300 AS-4
UH-46A Sea Knight -- United States (Marine Corps), 1965, 14x, VERTREP & Utility
Wasp HAS.1 [UH-2/2A] -- Brazil (Navy), 1967-1989
Yak-38 Forger A -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Naval Aviation [AV-MF]), 1983-1991

Land units created by Mike:
Armored Plt (AMX-56 Leclerc MBT) -- France (Army), 1992
Armored Plt (Challenger 1 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army), 1984-1999
Armored Plt (Challenger 2 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army), 1998
Armored Plt (Chieftain Mk. 9/11 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army), 1978-1995
Armored Plt (M60A3 Patton MBT) -- United States (Army), 1979-1979
Armored Plt (M-84 MBT x 3) -- Yugoslavia [-1992] (Army), 1983, T-72 Copy
Armored Plt (T-62 MBT x 3) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army)-1991
Armored Plt (T-64 MBT x 3) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army)-1991
Armored Plt (T-72 MBT x 3) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 1992
Armored Plt (T-72 MBT x 3) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army)-1991
Armored Plt (T-80 MBT x 3) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 1992
Armored Plt (T-80 MBT x 3) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army), 1985-1991
Armored Plt (T-90A MBT x 3) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 2005
Armored Plt (T-90A MBT x 4) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 2005
Armored Plt (Type 99 MBT) -- China (Army), 2002
Armored Plt (Zulfiqar MBT x 3) -- Iraq (Army), 1997

AE 23 Nitro -- United States (Navy), 1959
AE 23 Nitro -- United States (Navy), 1984-1994
CG 52 Bunker Hill [Ticonderoga Baseline 2, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-6, No AEGIS BMD
CG 54 Antietam [Ticonderoga Baseline 3, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-6, No AEGIS BMD
CG 56 San Jacinto [Ticonderoga Baseline 3, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-6, No AEGIS BMD
CG 59 Princeton [Ticonderoga Baseline 3, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-3, AEGIS BMD, SM-6
CG 68 Anzio [Ticonderoga Baseline 4, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-6, No AEGIS BMD
CG 70 Lake Erie [Ticonderoga Baseline 4, VLS] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-3, AEGIS BMD, SM-6
CM 21 Velarde [PR72-560] -- Peru (Navy), 1984, Ex-P 101, Exocet
DDG 51 Arleigh Burke [Arleigh Burke Flight I] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-3, AEGIS BMD
DDG 72 Mahan [Arleigh Burke Flight II] -- United States (Navy), 2015, SM-3, AEGIS BMD
DDG 79 Oscar Austin [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA] -- United States (Navy), 2015, 127mm/54
DDG 81 Winston S. Churchill [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA] -- United States (Navy), 2015, 127mm/62
DDG 85 McCampbell [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA] -- United States (Navy), 2015, No CWIS
DDG 91 Pinckney [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA] -- United States (Navy), 2015, ESSM, 1x AN/WLD-1(V)1 RMS (DDG 91-95)
DDG 96 Bainbridge [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA] -- United States (Navy), 2015, ESSM, 1x AN/WLD-1(V)1 RMS (DDG 96 Only)
T-AFS 8 Sirius [ex-British Lyness Class] -- United States (Navy), 1981
T-MLP-1 Montford Point -- United States (Navy), 2015

120mm APFSDS-T
120mm HE
120mm HEAT
AGM-176 Griffin
AN/SSQ-1 Jezebel LOFAR -- Large
AN/SSQ-2 Jezebel LOFAR -- 1951, Small, 12m
BLU-82/B Commando Vault / Daisy Cutter
Depth Charge [100kg HE] -- Mk10 Limbo
Generic OECM Pod [Average]
Ikara [Mk44] -- 1966-1993
Mk43 Mod 1 -- 1952
Mk43 Mod 3 -- 1957
Mk45 ASTOR Mod 0 -- 1960
Mk45 ASTOR Mod 1
Mk45 ASTOR Mod 2
RN-24 Tactical Bomb [10kT Nuclear] -- Russia, Su-24
RN-30 Strategic Bomb [200kT Nuclear] -- Russia
RN-32 Strategic Bomb [200kT Nuclear] -- Russia
RN-42 Strategic Bomb [200kT Nuclear] -- Russia
Tactical Bomb [8U69, 5kT Nuclear] -- Russia, Izdelie 244N, First Tactical Bomb, Su-7B, MiG-21

Fishbed -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/9/2013 4:01:03 AM)


Armored Plt (Zulfiqar MBT x 3) -- Iraq (Army), 1997

Dunno if it's a typo, but it should be an Iranian unit.
Keep up the good work chaps! Waiting this one impatiently!

emsoy -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/9/2013 6:32:44 AM)

Thanks! Guess I picked the wrong one in the 'Country' drop-down list [8D]

Fishbed -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/9/2013 7:48:07 AM)

You're welcome Emsoy, I guessed so too :)

But just another small note though now that Ive read again the list


Armored Plt (AMX-56 Leclerc MBT) -- France (Army), 1992

"AMX-56" doesn't exist as a denomination, it's an urban legend being relayed here and there. That tank should be designated "AMX Leclerc".

dmagnusson -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/9/2013 12:15:12 PM)

where is red october :P ?

nahhh seriously , looks cool :D

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/16/2013 9:36:11 PM)

Build 390
* Scenario descriptions can now include information as to their setting/location, year, difficulty & complexity. This helps new players to easily pick simple/easy scenarios and progressively move to tougher challenges as their skills & experience improve.

* Significant performance boost on senarios with lots of long-range pathfinding (e.g. The Surge).

* Units that consider themselves to be under attack (typically determined as "a potential or confirmed threat is bearing down on me, regardless of distance") will now disergard silent-EMCON directives and automatically activate all their active-mode sensors, including jammers. The concept is that once a unit (or group) is under attack, the normal electronic hide-and-seek is largely irrelevant and optimum sensor coverage is of utmost priority (to maximize the ability to defend).
This all-active override lasts only for the duration of the perceived attack. Once the unit ro group determines it is no longer under imminent threat it re-honors its EMCON orders.

Dimitris -> RE: Build Roll - mirror (6/30/2013 9:26:44 PM)

Build 392
* Groups now auto-dissolve when they have no units remaining.
* Scenario authors can now set explicit time-to-ready values for parked aircraft or docked ships/subs.
* Includes the DB3000 v380 and CWDB v3.2.16, and revised versions of all production scenarios.
* Includes a new series of Norway imports by Jakob.

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