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simon.c -> newbie to WITE replacement help please (1/18/2013 7:14:53 PM)

Having played all the Avalon Hill and SPI board games i just love this,it is so deep and detailed, i have prob missed something but can you please tell me what is the diffrance between the normal replacement and the refit replacement? what one is telling me what troops/afv's/planes i am getting each month.So i can put losses against replacements.Am getting used to having no control over production,but need to feel the fear of running out of men /material witch one is the turn replacement,normal,or refit?

Hope you can help

thanks in advance

Blubel -> RE: newbie to WITE replacement help please (1/18/2013 8:42:14 PM)

You can manualy set units to refit. They will get replacements first. Normal replacement is the stuff that goes to the units not set to refit.
You can look at replacements on the production screen. Only afvs and planes have a weekly production output. Everything else is produced on demand from armament points.
Neither normal nor refit replacements are really your weekly production. They are just what gets out of your pools to the units this turn. At the bottom of the log screen you will find the number of armament points and menpower produced this turn. There is also some menpower returned (1% per turn for Axis, 0,5% per turn for Soviets) from your disabled looses pool.
It is probably best to regularly check your OOB. You will see if you loose to many men there easily.

turtlefang -> RE: newbie to WITE replacement help please (1/19/2013 12:19:06 AM)

The other major difference is that units on normal replacements (not refit) will only take replacements to the following levels:

1) Germans 80% of TOE
2) Soviet 50% of TOE

On refit, units will take replacements up to 100% of TOE.
So if you want to get a unit back up to full strenght, you HAVE to put it on refit.

And units take replacements slower if they are next to an enemy unit, further from an operating rail line, and it's HQ.

Next, watch morale.
Soviets will increase morale at 1-2 pts per turn up to its national morale if in supply and more than 10 hexes from an Axis unit. They also increase morale by winning battles both offensively and defensively. They lose morale by sitting if its over national morale, lossing battles. So new units that are just formed need to stay away from the front lines unil they get thier morale up.

Germans gain morale by winning battles period. They loss morale in the first winter blizzard if not in towns/cities or in Germany.

These are the two items that have the biggest impact on a units base combat value.

Finally, you have to watch the fatigue level (higher hurts combat value) and supply level (too little supply hurts combat value). These two are highly complex topics and I'm not expert enough to discuss them totally.

Glad to see you. I'm a former AH and SPI player also as are many others on this board.

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