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Joe Kemper -> 1917 Scenario (1/18/2013 2:42:07 PM)

I have played as the CP vs AI but did not get the Russian revolution. When I look at the starting Russian morale, it is at 100%, greater than the 1916 starting morale. Is there some event that automatically happens? I have played through Feb 1918 without the event.


Jonathan Pollard -> RE: 1917 Scenario (1/24/2013 2:42:35 AM)

I think the Russian national morale has to go below 60 in order to get any revolution event.

EDIT: I read on the Slitherine forum that morale has to fall below 10 in order to trigger the revolution event.

krieg63 -> RE: 1917 Scenario (1/30/2013 1:04:16 PM)

a lot of are wrong with this scenar. german have one armoured car but could produce none. vehicule tech have not started so no way to have armor before 1919

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