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Natali -> PP Solution (1/17/2013 6:57:43 PM)

Discovered the 25% PP works for changing HQs within the chain of command of a command HQ but full PP for changing to HQ under another command HQ. LCUs that are tagged Restricted Temp pay twice what a unit with no restrict tags set pays.

Because of all the militia units in Australia, the 1st Aus Corps and one other renamed to New Guinea Force report to SW Pac and not Australia Command. That means that Australia Command has nothing but restricted subordinate HQs so nobody can pull the Manchuria trick and move an whole army cheap.

Individual units can get set to 1st Corps and NGF in the editor so they can deploy overseas without a PP hit. Militia units that did eventually deploy overseas are assigned to a restricted HQ but have no unit restrictions so they can be reassigned without too much cost. Militia units that did not deploy historically have the restrict temp switch set so it costs big time to go anywhere outside of OZ.

While Iím at it, Iíll fix the Manchurian airgroup exploit and any others that I find. If there's more than that one please say what it is.


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