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RevRick -> Hokay - I gotta small problem! (1/17/2013 12:12:22 AM)

Well, maybe not so small.
I have been working on creating some new aircraft (based on an Alt-uni on line in which the FAA manages to wrest fleet aircraft design and control away from the RAF) for the RN. My problem is that I can manage to work up the graphics, and insert them into the correct place, but somehow, I am missing a step, because they will not shop up in the game or in the editor - even though I have verified they are in the graphic file (and I have changed all three files!.) Since we are in the hinterlands in GA right now, the only Internet is by WiFi with a Hotspot in the house.. and they charge an outrageous amount to download and even to surf (besides that, my searching skills in this board program are one of the reasons there is a vacuum around the earth - they suck!)



What can I do to get the graphics to show up in the game I am trying to put together.

JeffroK -> RE: Hokay - I gotta small problem! (1/17/2013 12:26:29 AM)

I assume your aircraft data is looking at the right "slot" in the art file, if you copied another aircraft you drag the art "slot with it??

RevRick -> RE: Hokay - I gotta small problem! (1/17/2013 1:41:55 AM)

Could be.. Some I have modified and kept in the same slot, but others I have put into blank slots..
If I modified and existing graphic in paint, then saved it as another file name, shouldn't I be able to put it in overlaying one of the old slots, or do I have to clear out all of the data from that slot first?
Lord, I feel stupid?

JeffroK -> RE: Hokay - I gotta small problem! (1/17/2013 4:11:10 AM)

Maybe talking about the same thing here, In the editor aircraft slot you aim it atan ART bitmap.

If you copied , say the Spitfire VIII, when you change all of the data you also have to point it at your new ART bitmap or else it will continue to show the Spit VIII art.

If you create from a blank aircraft slot, it either will be aiming at a blank ART bitmap or a default.

As I work on a computer using a package from the same era as the engine, I would not rely on a copy and I would type in data, even clearing blank fields. I dont trust my computer.

If you can work out witpload it may ensure everything is overwritten.

I coul, and often are, wrong.[:'(]

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