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gazfun -> How about matrix take responsibility and get bugs fixed now! (1/16/2013 11:22:29 AM)

I think the EiA community would be behind me here, and say that we need to get the rest of the game bugs fixed.

Its nearly done!

Next will probably be a programe update so it can be played on smaller screens, like maybe a Tab version of it perhaps.

The game has been going since 1980's in Baord game, now in PC and Id say that programming will have to keep up with Technology. Im sure this game will keep going for a lot longer as well, because of it.

So how about we get up to speed on this?

Pans -> RE: How about matrix take responsibility and get bugs fixed now! (1/16/2013 1:59:50 PM)

I fully agree to that. Matrix must take their responsibilty and fix this game.
It would be a shame not to do the last step to make this great game playable.

Kai -> RE: How about matrix take responsibility and get bugs fixed now! (1/16/2013 4:00:36 PM)

I wouldn't call this game unplayable. I've played too many games to remember how many, and most of them were fine.

I do agree, however, that there's a few bugs that need to get fixed, and Matrix should step up and take care of them.

It's a very good game right now. Matrix could make it a great game with a bit more effort. They need to dig Marshall up, write him a check to cover his time, and have him polish off the last 20 bugs.

I have purchased 5 copies of this game. I'd love to see it get over the finish line.

borner -> RE: How about matrix take responsibility and get bugs fixed now! (1/16/2013 7:42:36 PM)

it would be interesting to see how, legally, they can continue to sell a product that they know is flawed, without stating to the public. They have fixed most of the problems, but this is still not a working, complete product yet.

gazfun -> RE: How about matrix take responsibility and get bugs fixed now! (1/17/2013 7:46:32 AM)

I didnt say its unplayable. What I said was that the few bugs it has need fixing. The Admin feature has to do too much fixing all the time, and with a game that is high on the amount of time this has to be played over, it make the passing a lot easier.

Omnius -> Having Integrity (2/16/2013 5:29:58 PM)

I bought the Empires in Arms computer game over a year ago and am rather disappointed that the one thing not working properly is England being able to give money to other countries, that was after all England's biggest contribution to the Napoleonic Wars. While this function works in PBEM mode it is a real hassle trying to play the game solo PBEM just to be able to have England do it's proper role as banker of the anti Napoleon alliances.

I just gave up on the game but hope that someone will take responsibility for ensuring that this fine baord game is fixed so it becomes an equally fine computer game. One bad thing I've noticed about Matrix products is that they never seem to get properly finished because someone is just too eager to blow off the last game in order to rush out a new one.

The game is so close to being awesome, doesn't it deserve to have whatever small programming erros fixed? Don't we EiA customers deserve having a true finished product?

gazfun -> RE: Having Integrity (2/17/2013 12:11:22 AM)

Well if you are playing PBEM use the admin function to give money by adding and subtratcing appropiatley. I know its a hassle and everyone knows who is giving money to who. But at least its not a game stopper to us. We are group who have been playing PBEM for many years and we have methods of getting around problems.
I agree with you that this game needs the rest of the bugs fixed on it, as this game continuously sells on Matrix, and its about time, we got the bugs fixed

Marshall Ellis -> RE: Having Integrity (7/17/2013 5:10:02 PM)

I'm back Gazfun and will look to get some stuff that we have done out in a release.
Are you still a tester? If so .. may need your help!

gazfun -> RE: Having Integrity (7/17/2013 10:30:14 PM)

Hi Marshall
Good to see you back, yes myself and one or 2 others I know in our community who wants the rest of the bugs that are left to get fixed, its good to see you back


NeverMan -> RE: Having Integrity (8/27/2013 3:14:47 AM)

Open Source it!! [>:]

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