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doomtrader -> Patch 1.07 ready (1/15/2013 11:05:59 PM)

Here is the readme file info:


2013-01-14 [v1.07]
Entrenchment bonus now reduced properlu just after movement of the unit and not at the end of the turn
Game can be always running in Quick Start mode as Allies
Fixed display o the Deffenders effective strength value

Nukes are now aquired every four months instead of each month (moddable)
Nuclear report added to the reports

AI now uses the Nuclear Bombs more eagerly

COmpletely new 1945 scenario has been added to the game

heyhellowhatsnew -> RE: Patch 1.07 ready (1/17/2013 7:59:26 PM)

Where can we get it?

doomtrader -> RE: Patch 1.07 ready (1/17/2013 9:47:00 PM)

I think that Matrix will post the info as soon as they will create the installer

Omnius -> RE: Patch 1.07 ready (1/18/2013 9:45:42 PM)

I'm looking forward to seeing the new 1.07 patch which looks to be an official one. Glad to have helped fix a few bugs. I look forward to the new 1945 scenario with some new improvements.

Did you fix the bug where when you play with fog of war and you click on hexes in enemy territory that are hidden you see a black unit box pop up? While the box doesn't show any unit info it shows you which unseen enemy hexes have units and which don't.

doomtrader -> RE: Patch 1.07 ready (1/18/2013 10:22:39 PM)

It is not a bug, but indeed it has not been changed

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