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RockinHarry -> Estab data questions (1/15/2013 3:55:17 PM)

Some other editor data, IŽd like to know about in more detail:

Estab Editor

Side Allies, Side Axis window

Default Enemy APer FP (10)
Default Enemy AArm FP (2)

From the manual:

Default Enemy APerFP - the default anti personnel
firepower used by the intel code where it is assumed a
typical small infantry company would be present.

Same for AArm FP

I raised these values from the default above, to see if the AI perceives enemies to be stronger as they are, but my results are a bit inconclusive. It more seems to me a factor for applied firepower and has less to do with "intel".

Other question, related to the Estab XML data:

<ready-to-fire-duration>00:00</ready-to-fire-duration> ?? [&:]

currently unused for any unit/weapon system.


obviously just used for weapon systems that take longer to reload, like multiple rocket projectors and such.

Any of that in effect at all (like Radios is not)?

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