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Paul McNeely -> Fin Rifle Squad type wrong in 41 (1/14/2013 4:14:50 PM)

I am playing in the latest full releae 1.06.19 (hope the number is right) and made some fortified areas for the fins in July of 41 and noticed that the Rifle Squads was fixed at 1, then I looked in details and found out these were the 44 Fin rifle squads with panzerfaust. Not sure why these have been selected for the FZs but the rest of the units in them are fine.

Can't send you the save game file as the computer is on the other side of the atlantic.

Denniss -> RE: Fin Rifle Squad type wrong in 41 (1/15/2013 12:44:20 AM)

TOE issue, should be fixed in the latest Beta.

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