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Footslogger -> Question about Der Untergang.. (1/13/2013 4:21:10 AM)

Who is head of the Luftwaffe in this video? I thought Goering was?


Walloc -> RE: Question about Der Untergang.. (1/13/2013 4:43:25 AM)

Göring was "off" in Bavaria. Its FM/GO Robert Ritter von Greim u see in that scene or well an actor playing him.

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Disciple -> RE: Question about Der Untergang.. (1/13/2013 6:56:01 PM)

By the time this scene is set Berlin had been isolated. Goering had sent a message to Hitler suggesting that as Hitler might lose communication at any moment Goering should assume control over the Reich. Enraged by this "betrayal" Hitler had removed Goering from his position and ordered his arrest.

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