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cohimbra -> [Bf 109T-2] Jagdsta.Helgoland (1/12/2013 11:37:02 AM)

In the BtR Campaign there's this squadron (the only one) who
fly Bf 109T-2, my question is: what to do whit them? What are
the main characteristics of this model (high alt, low alt, etc)?
I like to fly with all model that are in game, and I'm looking for
the best way (if there is) to use this Bf 109T-2 squadron.
And...what was their historically rules in the WWII air war?


Orm -> RE: [Bf 109T-2] Jagdsta.Helgoland (1/12/2013 12:24:32 PM)

Bf 109T was intended for use on carriers (Graf Zeppelin). In 1943, when the game begins, the Bf 109T-2 was considered outdated and was used for training purposes.

Personally I fly them a couple of missions against unescorted bombers and then I upgrade to FW 190A.


cohimbra -> RE: [Bf 109T-2] Jagdsta.Helgoland (1/13/2013 5:57:15 PM)

I expected everything but not they are carrier aircraft.
Thanks Orm.

Denniss -> RE: [Bf 109T-2] Jagdsta.Helgoland (1/14/2013 1:18:35 AM)

Basically a Bf 109 E-7/N with extended and stiffened wings. May be a tad slower than E-7/N alt but wings offer more lift thus sligthly higher max alt.

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