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Saper2229 -> Air transport fuel (1/11/2013 9:56:01 AM)

Hi! I make suplly mission to 18MD (102,56) from 6 LV AB (72,55) fuel, report - 132 t fuel. I see befor supply in 18 MD supply is 30:4:70 after - 124:22:71 This is bug ore new rule?
File send v. 1.06.025

Saper2229 -> RE: Air transport fuel (1/11/2013 10:43:37 AM)

In other place it work right.

elmo3 -> RE: Air transport fuel (1/12/2013 5:28:30 PM)

Added to the bug list as BG0117.

Helpless -> RE: Air transport fuel (3/11/2013 11:27:51 AM)

Once source air field runs out of fuel it starts delivering supplies instead. There is no bug.

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