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apoll -> Getting creamed because of supply (1/9/2013 11:05:42 AM)

Hi. Bought this game the other day: really good. I'm a hardcore strategist...and play on highest realism I can (hardened atrition etc..) strategy seems really wonky. I keep getting creamed: not because of battle, but because I don't seem to understand how supply works properly. Looking for some guidance (and yes, I have read the manual cover to cover, and searched the forums.) For example, the other day, I was Sulla, and got myself in barracks in a small sliver of land...put myself into the town which seemed to have enough supply points. But my dots went yellow, then orange, then red, and my legions wilted away before my eyes. I was making stuff in the production tabs, but nothing seemed to refill the manpower of my legions. Why? Italy was gradually lost (really bad idea to leave italy alone and try to defeat Pontus while your inferior forces in the italian mainland get successively defeated..btw). I don't quite understand: I select more infantry in the production chit...but that is for making new units right? How do your existing legions, like those with Sulla, get replenished with new men? Grateful any steer here: until I get the supply side, I'm a dead duck.

Tibi gratias ago.


Volsung -> RE: Getting creamed because of supply (1/9/2013 2:23:00 PM)

Supply can be tricky and is key; as you have discovered. Your units draw supply from the region they occupy and all adjacent regions that you control. Having a Depot in a region is very important in order to replenish supply and units. On Historical Attrition; the only way to play imo; you must have your units actually within the city and not just in the region in order to receive replacements. They also receive replacements and regain cohesion quicker if in Passive stance. Just make sure they are in a safe area since they have combat penalties in Passive.

Check the Supply Overlay Map before you decide on your course of action since supply availability will/should determine your avenue of approach. The chits you buy are to replenish depleted units. To but new units you use the Eagle menu at the lower left. These units can take several turns to be active and at full strength. Only build them in a safe location because there is nothing worse than to have a few Legions being raised and then having the city taken by the enemy. When an army is selected hover your mouse over the little kettle at the right above the umit list of your army. It will tell you how much supply your army has and the usage per turn.

Whatever the supply generation a region has listed you multiply that by about 4-5 to get the actual amount of supply that region has. I think that is the correct ratio. Always have plenty of Wagons within your army and monitor their supply. When they start to get depleted send them back to a city with a Depot so they can get refilled. You need to have Wagons shuttling back and forth from your army to a Depot to maintain a solid supply line.

It sounds like you invaded a region with little supply and no Depot and could't rapidly expand into highly developed regions. If you are playing the Marius vs Sulla scenario then Italy will be lost to Sulla in the early game. Just accept it. You must destroy Mithridates first as quickly as possible and then go back and take Italy.

apoll -> RE: Getting creamed because of supply (1/10/2013 12:08:49 AM)

Thank you, Arinvald. [:)] That makes more sense. So the chits I buy on the F2 screen is for replacements of existing units? Don't need to do anything except buy them, and make sure the army in question is able to receive them. The Eagle screen is for making new units? Nothing to do with the F2 chit screen? Ok...for a while there, I thought the F2 chit screen made it possible for the new un its to be created: buy chits, they would appear in the eagle screen to be created. But it sounds as if they are totally different functions. Am I right in that? Yes, there is no way to keep Italy IF I want to prosecute the war with Pontus: I have lost a lot of good legions by trying to reinforce Italy, only to have them destroyed before coming up to full strength.



Volsung -> RE: Getting creamed because of supply (1/10/2013 2:46:42 PM)

Yes, the F2 screen chits are only for Replacement of the individual Elements within an already existing unit and have no bearing on the ability to create completely new units. When using the Historical Attrition option make sure the depleted units are located within a Depot in order for them to receive Replacements. The Eagle Menu is for creating completely new units and the number at the top left of the units card will tell you how many you can create; usually dependent on controlling certain cities located within a region. The number of Replacement Chits you have accumulated has no bearing on creating new units. You are probably somewhat confused because the earlier AGEOD Chit replacement system worked a bit differently and was automatic without actually buying them.

I get as many units out of Italy as soon as possible and leave it to the Populares and never build new Legions there in the early game since there is a good chance they will be destroyed in detail and that just gives the Populares free Victory and Morale Points and wastes a lot of the Optimates' Denari. There will be time to deal with the Populares after Mithridates has been crushed.

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