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flashburn -> Why does Matrix not sell the DLC's? (1/9/2013 3:06:04 AM)

That sums it up. AND does matrix keep game updated and patched to newest versions. As we all know, Graviteam is always adding things in with patches. Also they have 2 new APOS style games in the works as well as a few more DLC's coming out. I would rather give money to Matrix as they support this niche than gamersgate. But they seem to be missing stuff in line up and unclear if I buy from matrix if it will get patached up when needed.

Also..........not related but why not any legit sim type games? I am all over the place personally between sims and tactical war games. :D

budd -> RE: Why does Matrix not sell the DLC's? (1/9/2013 3:51:03 AM)

No matrix doesn't keep the game up to date or sell the DLC. They talked about it briefly but haven't really said anything for awhile. I believe some people have updated there matrix game with graviteam patches. I got mine from gamersgate along with the DLC's

flashburn -> RE: Why does Matrix not sell the DLC's? (1/9/2013 4:02:27 AM)

WOw........that is STUPID.

Although its possible they shot themselves in the foot. My not keeping up to date and folks asking such questions, it is likly that Gamersgate gets the sale while Matrix moves fewer units. This niche market is to small for such things. Give it your 100 percent or do not do it at all.

But seems to me Matrix could if it chose to, represent the western market (north Americia/western Europe) in niche market. Seems to do that with wego type games, why not the other "hard core" types as well? Lack of support........no sale.

flashburn -> RE: Why does Matrix not sell the DLC's? (1/9/2013 7:32:21 AM)

I should reserve judgement. No idea about back story and all that. Just an UBER gravi fan. :D

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