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Qwixt -> Emergency supply question while playing Demo (1/8/2013 11:50:38 PM)

So I am trying out the demo, and trying to decide between this and scourge of war before the sale ends. When playing I see all sorts of supply messages go by, like requests for emergency supplies, but I didn't see how I could really do anything other than possibly re-org them and/or move them back. Was I suppose to do something about these emergency supply requests?

Bil H -> RE: Emergency supply question while playing Demo (1/8/2013 11:57:38 PM)

Nope.. other than shortening supply lines for those units that are in trouble, or insuring that they are not cut off, the supply distribution from base to unit is totally out of your hands (IOW handled by your staff). Those messages are a cue that you might want to examine the status of the units concerned.


Qwixt -> RE: Emergency supply question while playing Demo (1/8/2013 11:58:37 PM)

Thank you.

Lieste -> RE: Emergency supply question while playing Demo (1/9/2013 12:01:49 AM)

Look at their supply position (whether they are exposed within enemy controlled territory ~ if so, support with other units, or withdraw to safer positions). Consider whether they are 'over committed'... you perhaps should consider relieving units that have too-frequent recourse to emergency supply, or are bunkering down from fatigue...

You can also optimise the supply net ~ ensuring that Regimental supply is in near proximity to the FLOT and supplied units ~ and that the Regt is grouped together, rather than dispersed over large sections of the frontage. Avoid supply runs that are parallel to the front-line trace, or which must traverse enemy controlled areas. There isn't any *direct* response to supply messages (though for cut-off units, reducing their supply priority until link up is made can reduce the wastage of supply assets in attempting re-supply to a hopeless position.

Qwixt -> RE: Emergency supply question while playing Demo (1/9/2013 12:19:48 AM)

Thanks. I would see this message quite soon after attacks had begun. I kind of ignored the messages just to see how things played out. I never moved the main HQ units up until the very end, which was to cover an objective as I was surprised I did not get credit for the objective which was well behind my lines, and I was the last one to control it. After playing, I went back in, and noticed a supply button which might have shed more light on supplies to units. I believe it was set to command by default.

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