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Andrew Loveridge -> New 1.06.25 Public Beta Update Installer Available (1/8/2013 7:04:15 PM)

Hello all,

We have a new update in the Members Club. It includes a few Bug fixes and a couple rules updates. Please check it over, and let us know how it works for you.

Changes in 1.06.25:

V1.06.25 December 28, 2012

    New Features and Rule Changes

      1. Rule Change Frozen support units are now reset during the logistics phase so they are not frozen. The intention is that support units should not be frozen.
      2. Rule Change Soviet factories no longer rise to their build limit on the turn they become active. Axis were already not rising starting with version 1.06.22. Both Soviet and Axis factories will not increase in size before their start date.

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a bug where Unready/depleted support units were not filtered correctly in the CR screen.
      2. Fixed a bug in the data table for the support needs of certain ground element types. Heavy AT Guns now require 10 support (instead of 0), Light AT Guns require 2 support (instead of 0) and Heavy Infantry Guns require 12 support (instead of 1). These numbers are the amount of support required by 10 elements of the given type of ground element.
      3. Fixed a bug where in some cases, mouse clicks on certain areas of the CR screen were not being recognized.
      4. Fixed a bug where the number of available support units was not always displayed correctly (when assigning/forming support units).
      5. Fixed a rare crash bug caused by using the Prev TOE(OB) option in the TOE window.
      6. Fixed a bug that could cause prevent fighters from flying escort for air transport missions.
      7. Fixed a bug causing the Demjansk scenario, and possibly other very small scenarios to end prematurely.

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. Made minor corrections in the wrob.dat and wrdevice.dat files to improve the flow of production into units. (Not in the hotfix)

1.06.22 Beta Changes

gamer78 -> RE: New 1.06.25 Public Beta Update Installer Available (1/8/2013 11:37:50 PM)

Does this installer include data,scenario changes that improve flow of production to units? previous Exe version was already working for me.
If yes is it effecting ongoing games?

Joel Billings -> RE: New 1.06.25 Public Beta Update Installer Available (1/9/2013 1:17:53 AM)

Yes, this does include the data changes. Some things will impact ongoing games, some things won't, it gets very difficult to break down exactly what the impact will be. Our data guru Jim Wirth probably has the best handle on that as far as the data changes go. Anyone that has already got the exe hotfix should update to the installer version with the data files.

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