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wdkruger -> uncentered box (1/8/2013 1:27:14 AM)

This is a minor problem, but if you give an order and unclick the auto box, the box becomes "uncentered" unless you move it. This behavior is strictly post beta patch.


Arjuna -> RE: uncentered box (1/8/2013 3:55:21 AM)

Yep that's right.

First off, the bounding box that you see around the task icon is just a rough estimate if you do not specify frontage, depth or facing. Currently it is using the original code that centred this on the task location. The AI relies on the subject of the taks force group going to that location, so that it can work out when the force has reached it etc. What was happening with the original code was that it was then scaling the formation subGroups to fit within the distance between the task loc and the front. Alas in many cases the guard subGroups represented more than 50% of the force total and so the units were being scrunched up as it were.

So with the new code I have endevoured to ensure that the units are spread out properly, while maintaining the subject at the task location. This has resulted in the subGroups often being located well forward of the front line of the bounding box.

Now if you set a specific frontage, depth or facing, then this will force the UI to draw it with the proper disposition but only after the game starts running. This is so because we only update the task data on which it calcs the proper values once the game is running. In the long term we need to force a TaskData update during a pause at some regular interval. This needs careful consideration though as it can interfere with the thread locking. This is not my area of expertise and so it will have to wait till Paul has some free time to address it.

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