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AndrewPZ -> Returning Wargamer (1/7/2013 8:42:18 PM)

Hi all - I own WITP the vanilla version and would like to know is AE a vast upgrade and better as a whole? I did enjoy the communities artpacks for the original Fremens work and Andrew Browns maps were special - do you still have those guys doing fab stuffs?
I havent played a hex war game in 6 years so I will be throwing myself into the deep end!
Any recommendations or links greatly appreciated - Thanks.

I did have an old forum account but I cannot remember the pass user or email lol so i am starting anew.

Is Terminus still around?

jeffk3510 -> RE: Returning Wargamer (1/7/2013 9:10:48 PM)

Welcome back. Too many things to list about AE being better (IMO) than WiTP. So much more support, better gameplay, more units/planes..etc, the game itself is much easier to control and play now with all of the improvements. Look at some screenshots of changing orders for airgroups vs the old style just for example. I was reluctant to switch at first, but I am glad I did.

Another simple example is the ability to set waypoints for your fleets. Patrol zones for your subs with ease. You can also sort leaders by each category to find the right leader for your for all units/groups...just little things like that. You can quickly see the morale, TOE strength, and EXP for example in one screenshot of all of the units at the currently selected location. These are a few of the many wonderful additions that are small in size, but really improve the gameplay.

Playing the game with all of the improvements makes it much, much more playable, less time consuming, and more enjoyable than stock WiTP.

As for T..he hasn't been around for some time.

pompack -> RE: Returning Wargamer (1/7/2013 10:47:19 PM)

I don't recall anyone ever mentioning on either the AE or the WitP forum that they bought AE but still play old WitP.

Personally I didn't even finish an ongoing WitP game but convinced my opponent to get AE and start the game over as AE.

btd64 -> RE: Returning Wargamer (1/9/2013 3:21:50 PM)

There are alot of very good improvements, but the one i liked the most was the waypoints. in the old game i would send a tf to a point and write down the info and later send that tf to its destination or another point on the map, and so on. AE is MUCH better.[:)][sm=Tank-fahr09.gif]

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