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AndrewPZ -> Hello Guys (1/7/2013 7:57:22 PM)

I am returning to some serious wargaming after years away tinkering with other games and interests. My question is what game to start off with? I am into WW2 and American Civil War but would play anything really.
My past wargaming is Gary Grigsbys World at War, Paradox Games Arsenal Of Democracy, Korsun Pocket, Panzer Corps Wehrmacht(not played it actually its on the shelf:) and i played WITP for a week before I gave up and played EVE online. Yeah I know..... I did print the entire manual of WITP....

So what do you all recommend to start off with? I do have a few simpler games like Strategic Command and an Arnhem one - its packed away somewhere but its not very complex. I do like complexity and micro managing but i also like mad combat and the like.

Any input gratefully received :)[&o]

Just looked on the other shelf and theres a copy of AGEODS Military Strategies - 3 games in 1.

SLAAKMAN -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:20:32 PM)

No reason not to start here; [:D]

AndrewPZ -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:24:07 PM)

Thats not even out is it.....[:-]

Now i am confused as the site says coming soon and yet i see people asking for opponents... I presume its in Beta?

CarnageINC -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:27:45 PM)

Welcome to the board PZAndy...never mind Slaakman...hes a dreamer...that game will never come out [;)]

How hardcore do you want to go? War in the East is a good game if you like that front. Decisive Campaigns Case Blue is the same front and era but is a different engine. Another great game that just came out is a WW1 game, Commander the Great War. Its got some good following so far. There is alway the grand daddy of them all....War in the Pacific Admiral Edition.

AndrewPZ -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:30:40 PM)

How different is WITP AE? from the original? I was looking at Case Blue too and thinking it looks good!

CarnageINC -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:35:06 PM)

AE is a whole new animal then vanilla WitP. You have a lot more control over your entire forces. A key thing the fleet TF's have waypoints so it much more realistic than the straight line vanilla has. The air operations are vastly improved to. I can't really remember a whole lot of the old WitP but if you ask on the WitPAE forum you'll receive a better education than what I can provide.

AndrewPZ -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:37:50 PM)

Thanks Carnage thats a decent start. I will go trawl the Google and forums. I will mull it all over whilst pretending to work tomorrow :) Ive got a new PC coming thursday so will be aiming on a quick install and then downloading some new games.
Thanks for the pointers.

CarnageINC -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 8:39:46 PM)

I'm sure other people will be kind enough to post some suggestions but it your doing the right thing by browsing the game forums that interest you most. Good luck sir [;)]

jeffk3510 -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 9:11:52 PM)



No reason not to start here; [:D]

Game is great.. however, who knows when it will be out.

I am guessing it isn't even close.

Orm -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 9:25:31 PM)

I can recommend Commander - The Great War. Fun, fast and decent AI. Makes WWI fun to play. The multiplayer function is good and I find it easy to find opponents.


See. The game is so good that it make me sound like a spammer. [:D]

wodin -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 9:41:14 PM)

Case Blue is a damn fine wargame.

sullafelix -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 10:01:07 PM)

+1 on Case Blue or Warsaw to Paris.

SLAAKMAN -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 10:38:36 PM)

Goofballs inserting hooves into mouths. The game already is out for those who can think outside the box; [:'(]


Titanwarrior89 -> RE: Hello Guys (1/7/2013 11:07:24 PM)

Since you understand historical wargaming, I would go with WitpAe....or.... GG's War in the pacific.....Or.....scourge of war.

Rtwfreak -> RE: Hello Guys (1/8/2013 6:34:16 AM)

Norbsofts "Scourge of War" and "Antietam" and "Pike Creek" definitely. It's the only real civilwar wargame out there. All the others you slide some counters around a square or hex based map, this one you move real units of troups and can play it from any level of command you want all the way from Army commander down to a lowly detached cannon unit. Real time play in "real time". 1 second equals 1 second not 1 minute or 10 minutes like most real time games.

Next up you'll want Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge, Conquest of the Agean and Highway to the Reich. Another game much like the one above where you can command from an armies persective or take individual control of your subordinates and it also appears to play in real time and is not a click fest.

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