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uchogu -> Custom scenerio problem (1/7/2013 6:08:06 PM)

Hello everyone.
When i try play custom scenerio, game stops in scenerio selsctions menu. no one buttos works just crush. i try reinstall two times - nothing. I have a base game and RoR. In windows i see this window:

1.8.1 2012 07 10 win
{msg XML parser error 4 not well formed invalid token }
XmlDocument.Constructor o XmlDocument o FolderItem
gameinstance.GameModule.LoadDetails o gameinstance.GameModule
gameinstance.GameModule.ancientYear o util.AncientYear o gameinstance.GameModule
uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow.ListModules o uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow
uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow.blnHandleCommand b o uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.blnHandleCommand b o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.Dispatch o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.Enqueue o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.ParseAndEnqueue s
uiplayer.htk.TPopupMenuImp.MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.TPopupMenuImp i4i4
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.Event MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea i4i4
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p

Please help, i cant use editor becouse it.

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