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Hanal -> So..What Games do you have on your Android Phone? (1/4/2013 11:43:03 AM)

It used to be the Android users lament that the iPhone got all the good games. While there still is a gap between the two, it is closing bit by bit. I have a Samsung Galaxy II and using the inexpensive Virgin Mobile plan, I'm quite content at the phone/internet service provided. Furthermore, the games I have downloaded from G Play are more than sufficient to shrug off the iPhone games that I cannot get.

With that being said, I thought I would list the games I currently have on my phone. I have not played them all yet, but there is enough variety here that I am not compelled to buy a tablet anytime soon. All these are available on Gplay....

1.Great Little War Game
2.All Out War
3.Great Big War

If you like turn based Advance War of Final Fantasy Tactics games, these three are fun games to play


1.Small General
2.Small General - Eastern Front

Everyone here should already be familiar with Victor Reijkerz's fantastic games for the PC and these two Android games are quite a challenge.

1.European War 1 - Musket & Artillery Napoleonic and WWI Scenarios
2.European War 2 - WW II Campaigns
3.European War 3 - WWI Campaigns plus the following:
1.Crimean War
2.Battle of the Marne
3.Campaign of Tannenburg
4.Campaign of Verdun (locked)
5.Jutland (locked)
6.Battle of the Somme (locked)
7.Battle of Amiens (locked)
8.Campaign of Sarikamis (locked)
9.Balkan War 1 (locked)
10.Balkan War 2 (locked)
11.Russian 1916 Offensive (locked)
12.The October Revolution (locked)
13.Battle of Reims (locked)
14.Invasion of Serbia (locked)
15.Italian Front (locked)
1. American Civil War
2. Revenge of the British Empire (locked)
3. American-Spanish War (locked)
4. War with Mexico (locked)
1. Sino-Japanese War
2. Arrow War Britain-China 1857
3. Chinese Revolution 1911 (locked)
4. Heavenly Kingdom War China 1860 (locked)
5. Seige of Tsingtao (locked)
6. Eight Powers Invaded China (locked)
7. Russo-Japanese War 1904 (locked)
8. Sino-French War 1884 (locked)
9. National Protection War China 1915 (locked)
10. Anglo-Japanese War 1863
11. The Russian Civil War (locked) *Mistakenly placed in Asian

4.World Conqueror 1945 - 3 campaigns for 1940, 1942, 1944
Additional Campaigns for:
1942 Pacific War
1943 Burma-China-Indian Theater
1945 Russian invasion of Manchuria
1942 Kokoda Campaign
1943 Battle of Kursk
1944 D Day
1945 The Fate of the Reich
1940 Battle of the Atlantic
1941 North African Campaign
1942 Campaigns in the Indian Ocean
1937 Second Sino-Japanese War

5.World Conqueror 2 - 2 WWII Campaigns 1939 Axis & 1941 Allies plus 2 locked post WWII Cold War campaigns which open up after completing the WWII games. There are also 6 "conqueror" scenarios.

Regarding the "locked" scenarios, you earn gold medals as you play the game which you can use to unlock them.....
The gameplay is a bit generic and "Risk" like but there is an interesting card driven element which helps. The AI is decent and with the wide variety of suject matter you get a lot of game for your money. All of these games were produced by EasyTech and you can see the improvements to gameplay from European War 1 through World Conqueror 2 even though the basic game mechanics remained the same.


There are 6 titles currently available covering Europe, South America, North America, World, Asia, Africa. All of the turn based titles are similiar in design which involves empire building and are fun to play.

Populous Romanus Series

Populus Romanus 1 covers The Rise of the Republic and Hannibal's Journey.
Populus Romanus 2 covers Rome's incursion into Britannia with 2 scanrios to begin the game with (The Landing, and Vae Victus) and 6 more locked scanarios to open upon completion of the first two.

I have not tried these yet so I need to reserve judgement.

Here are a number of tried and true hex based old school wargames that are challenging to play and receive many updates from the developer. Similiar to an HPS line of games where there is a sense of sameness, in approach of the different campaigns, they are never the less a great time waster....

Operation Barbarossa
Battle of the Bulge
American Revolution
American Civil War
Eastern Front
Demyansk Pocket 1942
Panzer Missions
Fall of Normany
Midieval Kingdoms in Chaos
D Day

There are a few other titles as well which I have not purchased yet (North Africa, Korea, Napoleon campaigns) but may do so after they are updated a few times.


Elder Sign - Omens: People over at BGG who have played the Fantasy Flight boardgame are rather critical of this one, but I have found this game to be one of my favorites and in my top 10. The Lovecraftian theme is highly atmospheric and there are a wide variety of investigators to choose from.

Wasted Lands: Another Lovecraft theme game set during WWI. As close to an Android version of XCom style of play we have for the moment.

Don Quixote: The first of the tile placement games I purchased. A frustrating experience at times as there is a high chance element but rewarding when you do finally make a decent score.

Catan: I never was quite sure what the fuss was all about with the boardgame and so was intriqued when it was available for Android. I bit complex and I must admit that I have not yet invested the time to play this game competently.

Carcasssonne: I found this tile placement game quite interesting and have returned to it often. I rarely win.

Through the Desert: I found this one to be a fun experience but I have not devoted enough time to it as well.

Levee En Masse: Here is an addictive gaming experience as this is is port of one of Victory Games STATE OF SEIGE SERIES. Since the SoS boardgames are for solo play, the translation to the Android is seemless. Looking forward to other SoS games making the transition. One of my top 10

Neuroshima Hex: This game reminds me of Cryptic Comets Armageddon Empires.

Hey That's My Penquin: The theme is a bit silly but it's a fun little game.

Shredder Chess: With so many games worth playing I have not sharpened my waning chess skills on this program yet, but I bought it based on the positive reviews that I have read.

Shogi v.100: This is the Japanese version of chess and I became facinated by the game after stumbling on a couple of articles about it. I have not the time to learn the rules yet but I'll give it a go soon.



Yup, that's all the sports titles I have at the moment and they are both very good translations keeping in mind the limitations of the phone. I use the 2012 version to play lower league teams while 2013 is reserved for first division. I would like to see OOTP ported over and an American Football Management Sim of some sort.


Bloons TD 4 & 5: Two very challenging games with a wide variety of maps and units.

Soldiers of Glory: A WWII TD game and is quite challenging at the higher levels.

Zombie Defence: The Halloween Edition of Soldiers of Glory. Both of these games have an upgrade buy option which is based on coins you earn from your score. If you are impatient, you can go to Gplay and buy some coins to upgrade your units quicker.

iBomber Pacific Defence: A unique feature of this TD game is that the enemy actually shoot back so it is not simply destroying them before they reach the exit zone.

Carnival of Horrors: A "Plant vs. Zombie" variation. Good fun....


Quell and Quell Reflect: two excellently crafted games where you try to navigate a raindrop through a series of mazes. These are in my top 10....

Osmos HD: Play this cerebral game with a pair of headphones on. A simple concept of making your floating organism the largest turns into a nice relaxing experience. Another top 10.

Ingenious: A good puzzler as you connect rows of similar colored tiles v. the AI.

Clustermaster: A puzzler where you eliminate similiar colored tiles of various sizes and patterns, making them fit in an ever crowding board.


Bard's Tale: Another top 10 pick..extemely witty and a blast to play

Last but not least is the zombie themed game REBUILD. This is not your typical shooter but is a turn-based game where you defend a city from zombies, managing survivors, food and morale. I only started playing it, and I find it quite immersive and challenging.

Rebuild 2 is already available as a flash game:

Well that about does it. I hope you find a title or two that piqued your interest and will give some of these a go...regards JP

Josh -> RE: So..What Games do you have on your Android Phone? (1/4/2013 3:00:19 PM)

Wow that many?
I have the Samsung Galaxy SII as well, but only have;

Pong (and I still suck at it lol)



That's all really.

wodin -> RE: So..What Games do you have on your Android Phone? (1/4/2013 3:10:23 PM)

My daughters main pressie between her Nan and myself was a Google Nexus 7..hopefully she will let me on it one day..

RedArgo -> RE: So..What Games do you have on your Android Phone? (1/4/2013 3:43:30 PM)

I've got a Droid Razr and these games work fine on it, but generally like them better on my Transformer tablet just because I have worsening eyes and fat fingers.

Angry Birds Series
Backgammon Free
Chess Free
Great Big War Game
Neuroshima Hex
Tropical Stormfront Lite


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