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kirk23 -> NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (1/3/2013 6:08:50 PM)

Ok folks I'm looking for scenario request for you guys,I'm willing to do more art and create another scenario for WAR PLAN ORANGE I await responce.[:)]

Connfire -> RE: NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (3/8/2013 7:38:49 PM)

I always thought it would be neat if Japan had additional allies. We seem to be transposing the Allies vs. Axis model into 1922, when in reality all of the combatants were recently allied in World War I, and were searching for ways of avoiding further conflict with things such as the Washington Naval Treaty. Why is it assumed that it will be Japan vs. The World, then?

One possibility would be to assume that Japan seizes control of the Soviet Far East (as they occupied in real life, until mid 1922) as well as the Red fleet which you created for an earlier mod. You could throw some Italian, and maybe some captured German ships as well (but not all of them, because we have to assume that the staggered British reinforcement schedule is due to them being tied up on another front, which prevents the entire Grand Fleet from rushing to the Pacific).

Another, more radical idea is to say the Anglo-Japanese Alliance continues, and it is Japan and the British Empire vs. America. This would be more appropriate to a 1926 campaign.

Just some random thoughts.

Elisestar -> RE: NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (3/11/2013 9:47:15 PM)

Hello Sir, sorry if this is off topic but I am considering purchasing War Plan Orange, (I already own WiP)...does it represent value for money now and is it sufficiently different from Wip to justify the purchase?

Connfire -> RE: NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (3/12/2013 12:23:24 AM)

It depends on what you are looking for. WPO is primarily a strategic game employing World War I technology in the World War II Pacific Theater. That means your number of aircraft, as well as their ranges, will be significantly less. The battleship is the major strategic asset in this game, though there is significant land combat as well. If you like ship to ship battles, you should definitely consider this game.

The engine is original WitP, not AE. One comment I've heard from other WitP players is they like the fact there is less micromanaging, which lets them focus more on strategy. You still need to supply your bases and such, but not to the degree I believe you do in WitP. Another difference I've heard is with the lower detection levels the oceans feel "bigger" if you get my drift.

The AI can be fun for a new player, and serves as a great means of learning the game. The farther into the game you go, the less active it gets. Once you get tired of that you really should consider PBEM - it is much more rewarding. Also, make sure you have the latest patch from Matrix, as well as Kirk's latest mod (currently Pandora's Box) to give you an additional scenario, as well as much better graphics and additional ship & aircraft classes. I should add that Kirk's graphic upgrades will also appear in the stock scenarios, so it ought to be downloaded.

The stock game gets a bit imbalanced by mid 1928. Also, if you play PBEM you almost have to establish "house rules" making all the Allied countries neutral, and not activated until Japan attacks them individually. Fortunately the game comes with a pretty easy to use database and scenario editors, which can overcome these issues. I've never used such editors before, yet even I was able to do it. [:)] The user content added via editors are what has kept WPO alive for the past 10 years.

Many WPO players started out as WitP players. Some play it occasionally, others more so. I guess its a matter of personal taste. You'll be able to pick it up faster if you've played WitP, but yes, it is definitely a different game.

Elisestar -> RE: NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (3/12/2013 8:26:09 PM)

Thank you connfire for that concise overview. I think it might be interesting to see how this mix of naval assets interact in this hypothetical conflict. WitP is, when all is said and done, about will be interesting to see if the player can put together a strategy underpinned by pure naval steel without having to worry about those things in the sky. Will procced with Purchase, Thanks again sir.

kirk23 -> RE: NEW SCENARIO REQUEST WANTED ? (3/16/2013 11:14:41 AM)

Hello Elisetar and welcome to the forum,if you prefer ships to aircraft,then you have come to the right place,and as Connfire says please download my PANDORAS BOX scenario,its worth it for the art work alone,even if I say so my self.

As for the games future,I will be adding more new scenarios,and much more art work watch this space![:)]

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