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ParaB -> Infantry AT weapons (1/3/2013 3:27:10 PM)

I just bought Operation Star a few days ago and am still coming to grips with it. One thing I noticed while playing the Taranovka operation with 320th ID is that German infantry seem to have zero close-range AT capability. No geballte Ladung, no Molotov cocktails, no Tellermine or Panzerwurfmine? My troopers are attacking the Soviet tanks with hand grenades. And that, while without doubt brave, usually only leads to some nice fireworks. And dead infantrymen.

Am I missing something here?

Another minor gripe: is it possible to reverse the icon colours? I.e. blue=German, red= USSR?

BTW after only a few hours I'm really impressed with the game.

wodin -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/3/2013 4:37:29 PM)

Inf against tanks? Join us in the moaning on graviteam forum;)'s something that has been mentioned several times..that and path finding are the two big gripes for me.

ParaB -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/3/2013 4:44:32 PM)

Thanks wodin. So it's not a case of "simply click on the close assault icon" then... [;)]

Are there any plans to improve upon this aspect? Because IMO that's a rather big omission. Soviet infantry seems to fare much better with their Molotovs, but German infantry just dies in the presence of tanks, no matter if they're deeply entrenched in a forest or standing in an open field. The latter just being quicker.

Any tips on the blue/red question?

wodin -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/3/2013 5:39:39 PM)

No Idea..sometimes Graviteam are very good and changing things for us..other times they say there is no problem it's our tactics...this and path finding come down to the latter as far as Graviteam go. Go to the Graviteam forum and mention it, the more who do the more they may take it on board.

budd -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 2:19:25 AM)



Thanks wodin. So it's not a case of "simply click on the close assault icon" then... [;)]

Don't bother with assaulting either, best practice is just put the troops in woods or buildings and put them on hold fire and when the tank gets close they may or may not give it a shot with grenades automatically. They do take them out or more likely track the beast.Sometimes as germans it's usually best just to let the tank pass and wait for the infantry. Your defiantly right in your observation that the russian molotov's are way more effective. These things have defiantly been brought up before and from what i read today they are going to reduce the effectiveness of AT more. See here reply #12 thats the developer posting. The game is fun as hell now and there is alot of cool moments to see while playing. There are alot of informative threads in this forum, especially Redmarkus's threads where he explains stuff. Have Fun

Pawsy -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 10:37:31 AM)

you have to expect some situations where you wont have any AT. You should pull back (retreat) and bring up any AT units then counter attack. I also give ground and dont put units on the objective. Fight on ground of your choosing.

ParaB -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 12:27:06 PM)

Thanks for the comments.

Problem is that without dedicated AT assets the German infantry can only run when faced with Soviet armour, and this just doesn't seem right. Now, a successful close-assault on a tank by infantry shouldn't be the norm, but dug-in, crack infantry in heavy cover under command of experienced officers should at least have a chance to do so.

The funny thing is that German infantry actually seems to have geballte Ladungen (grenade bundles), I've seen then getting thrown at enemy infantry! On one occasion a single Russian soldier was hit by a barrage of three(!) of them. [X(]

I'd love to tell my brave Pixeltruppen to save those thingies for Red Army armour.

Other than that (and some pathfinding issues and me still learning the intricacies of the operational layer) I love the game.

wodin -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 3:04:50 PM)

it is a great game..

Pawsy -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 7:57:36 PM)

Just retired on to my Pak 75mm guns. Soviets attacked. The KVs and T60s took a pounding from the flank. One KV in a panick hit and turned over a ba10 car and destroyed it. 1 KV destroyed 1 stuck 1 de tracked. Mortars and MGs kept the crew from repairing. Restricting fire is also key until they are drawn in to the killing area. Keep them hidden and the tanks drive on towards the objective drawn in by a few shots from infantry. Then shoot from rear and sides.

flashburn -> RE: Infantry AT weapons (1/4/2013 10:58:55 PM)

ARTY! The infantry sometimes have HH3 antitank grenades for Germans but with drawing/hiding/CALLING massive arty down is usually how I deal with it. Depth of manuver is our friend. In close in infantry/tank fighting the only real hope is a mobility kill, but you loose mass infantry in doing it for either side. On Russian side againt tigers your pretty much screwed. Arty is the only real chance. Air never seems to do much. However....... Their is a slight possibliity that a 14.5mm anti tank rifle can get a shot threw a vision slit to kill driver or disable the gun. Vary unlikly but have somehow disabled a 75mm gun on a stug once with a diska MG. LOL.

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