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bradk -> Possible solution for vcr file errors (1/3/2013 2:26:01 PM)

The vcr file sometimes doens't show the execution accurately. There's another solution. DOSBox allows the output of a game to be recorded.

Here is part of an execution from PW.


Here is a video that shows the capabilities of DOSBox video better, another old DOS game I like, Detroit.


Recording is simple. While running the game in DOSBox press Alt-Ctl-F5. To stop press the same. The video could then be e mailed to the other player instead of the vcr.


Where is my video?

Don't know for sure. On my computer DOSBox put it in a hidden folder, specifically, C:\Documents and Settings\Brad\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\Capture. Local Settings is where it starts to be hidden. However teh good news is where ever it ends up search should find it. First file will be named pac_000

Windows Media Player says it need a codec

The codec is included with DOSBox 0.74, perhaps earlier versions. Click on the Setup Information file. I got the Windows warning that the file was unknown and don't do it. Worked OK for me. WIndows XP Media Center Edition.

Rich Dionne -> RE: Possible solution for vcr file errors (2/9/2013 7:05:25 PM)

Very cool Brad!

I've been using Dosbox for a long time but never noticed this feature. I've also seen issues with altered VCR playback; this will certainly help with that. It will also allow you to provide videos of supply / submarine action, which I always thought should have been included in the VCR playback.



Rich Dionne -> RE: Possible solution for vcr file errors (2/10/2013 3:43:17 AM)


Your find has inspired me to look through some old save files from previous games. I've posted up on YouTube a part of one of my favorite battles that demonstrates the damage a strong Kamikaze force can inflict on the Allies.

The period covered in the battle is 27 March 1945. The Allies have just successfully landed on Okinawa, but the base is still held by the Japanese. Eight CV's and five CVL's of 5th Fleet stand off Okinawa, but their air groups have been partially depleted by the previous week's attack plus their first strikes of this week's assault. The Japanese have marshaled their air forces and maintained training at reasonably good levels. Now the Japanese unleash their Kamikaze forces in a devastating attack that will ultimately sink multiple CV's, CVL's, CA's, and DD's. Beware the Ohka's..

Here's the link:


You might also a slightly different color scheme in the video. I was able to tweak Dosbox to give me an altered color scheme for the game.



bradk -> RE: Possible solution for vcr file errors (2/17/2013 1:37:11 AM)

Colors look good. Boom! <G>

Good comment on recording the sub action. When I play PBEM I have an agreement with my opponets that we report the results of the sub action. A video would be better.

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