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british exil -> Help Desk (12/31/2012 6:05:38 PM)

At aprox 15:00 CET, I wanted to play an old John Tiller Game. I opened the Campaign Series and thought I'd play the Western Front. Playing the campaign "The Road to Germany", deciding upon Battalion level playing an US rifle unit, from D-Day to VE_Day. So a long game ahead of me. Something I started years ago, but after a pc crash and losing days of playing, I never felt like restarting.
So today I powered up the game, clicked on the approriate keys to start the game, read my orders, sat back and nothing happened!

An Error message appeared. Telling me to get advice from Matrix support.

I open my mail and write a mail describing my problem. 15:01 auto response. I had forgotten that today was New Years Eve. I can wait a few more days after years of not playing. 15:08 mail from Matrix Games Helpdesk asking me to refill out a form with my problems my problem. I obey and fill out this form. I leave my pc and go and watch a bit of telly, a bit disappointed, not being able to fight my way through to Germany.

18:30 return to my PC to find a reply from Matrix Games/ Slitherine with a solution and a new download link.

I just wanted to post my appreciation to those dedicated persons, who try to make our lives more enjoyable by helping us get our so important games running.

Thanks, your work does not go unnoticed, although often we forget to thank you all.

All the best for 2013.


btd64 -> RE: Help Desk (1/1/2013 2:37:55 PM)

+++1, Happy New Year. [sm=Tank-fahr09.gif]Patton

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