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Ichili -> The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (12/31/2012 12:11:12 AM)

For anyone interested on playing this firefight: after testing it by playing as Russian, I fixed some issues related to the objective hexes at the edge of the map (some of them were unreachable for the Russian units), changed the Russian OOB (deleted the T-26s and added 3 more BT7 instead) and reduced the game lenght from 10 to 7 turns.
This zip file supersedes the previous one. Again, my apologies

An Eastern Front Tank Leader conversion.

From Boardgame geek website:
"Eastern Front Tank Leader was the first game in West Games' Tank Leader series. A tactical (platoon/company level) game where formations are activated by playing Command Cards. The emphasis is on command, control, and communications with the use of Command Cards that represent formations which are used to determine order of movement/combat, rallying and group cohesion. The game is similar to the Panzerblitz type of game but with the addition of soft factors such as unit experience, command and morale".

The Belikowo Pocket scenario:
Russia, 1941. Units of the 6th Tank Brigade were caught off-guard by the speed of the German advance. they found themselves pocketed in the vicinity of Belikowo. An attempt to break out was met by German tank forces.

So this is a tank vs tank fight across the map. it can be played against the AI on either side or H2H. I made the map as close as I could to the original, but at a reduced scale to fit COH map size and minus the rivers.
Please see attached PDF with the scenario card for more information.

The map files should go into My Documents/Western Civilization Software/Conflict of Heroes/Awakening the Bear /Data/Maps and the scenario files under Data/Scenarios.
Enjoy and tell me if you like it.

junk2drive -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/1/2013 11:03:21 PM)

I played almost all of the first round before I saw this update.

My wrist is worn out from moving tanks.

Ichili -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/2/2013 2:39:41 AM)

Yes, It was the same for me. It is tedious at first to play as Russian against the AI, to move hex by hex a tank company across the map and then, all of a sudden, on Round 3, to find yourself surrounded by German tanks attaching you at short range...
Playing as German, with fewer tanks to move and worry about, is easier and also easier to win. You keep your Pz IIIj shooting at a safe distance, overlooking the valley from the hills while your light tanks maneuver, hide, ambush and get closer to the enemy. This is probably more like what really happened on situations like this one.
My points are: a) we should be able to assign an objective hex and a marching order to our units without having to move them one by one, hex by hex, and b) given the aggressive AI behavior, this scenario plays in a more realistic way if you play it as German.

junk2drive -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/2/2013 2:50:58 AM)

A and B sound likable. I'll install the revised version and try as Germans.

I was also grouping tanks and that adds extra shift clicks and switch unit clicks.

Ichili -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/2/2013 3:34:18 AM)

What I was saying about the German tactics - to keep the heavier tanks shooting from over watch positions, disrupting the enemy tanks while the light tanks make an approach to engage them at close range, worked well for a while. But later, in Kursk, they decided to invert the order, putting the Tigers right up front and the lighter tanks behind. My understanding about the Russian tank tactics is that they kept the first concept, engaging the "German beasts" from long distances with their self propelled guns while the lighter and faster T34 run forward.
The Manual -I am talking about Tank Leader- has a chapter dedicated to Soviet and German tactical doctrines. For sure the AI doesn't reproduce them, but it would be a good idea for players to try to recreate these tactics.

Webizen -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/2/2013 1:26:34 PM)

I played the revised scenario last night. Basically kept three PzIIIs firing at the KVs while my other tanks maneuvered into position for side or rear shots. In the end I lost only one tank while destroying almost all Soviet vehicles.

junk2drive -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/5/2013 5:42:12 PM)

I think I have found the brick wall for this game series for me. Large forces with open space to cover. So far I have played the smaller, most or all infantry battles on small maps. Maybe that is the only way for me to play. I shudder to think of Kursk with room to manoeuver...

budd -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/5/2013 6:56:17 PM)

yea, i realized that brick wall early on. medium maps with high to semi high unit density counts with multiple points of contact, not alot of ground to cover before contact and well placed objectives is my sweet spot....and anything smaller. I prefer city, urban battles at this scale with this play sequence.

Arnhem would be sweet at this scale....need more city fights.

Ichili -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/5/2013 11:09:19 PM)

I totally agree with you. The bigger the map, the longer the screen drifts from one area of action to another. Also, I get frustrated when an unit gets stuck on "move" mode, not allowing you to fire with it or to move another... This game system definitey works better on small units action, where you can see everything at once on the screen

Ratzki -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/5/2013 11:38:20 PM)

Do you guys find this "Brick wall" in game size to change if you play against a human or or the AI? Just curious.

Ichili -> RE: The Belikowo Pocket Revised version (1/6/2013 6:41:40 AM)

I did not have chance to play against a human yet.

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