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fodder -> Paris Falls (12/29/2012 9:46:02 AM)

I'm so happy! Maybe not done as quick as some have done it, but I did It!


parusski -> RE: Paris Falls (12/29/2012 3:55:06 PM)


fodder -> RE: Paris Falls (12/30/2012 5:40:47 PM)

Three games in a row now Paris falls. It's getting easier and quicker. I think I'm almost done playing against the AI.


Amaranthus -> RE: Paris Falls (12/31/2012 3:33:03 AM)

Once you've got the hang of the opening moves, Paris should always fall against the AI. Indeed, against a skilled CP player in an MP game, it is a real challenge to stop this as the Entente. It can be done (I've done it 4/4 times so far), but it's a close run thing, and not guaranteed.

I say this because I just learned a harsh lesson in one of my current games (the first one I am likely to lose, against Naskra), is NEVER leave even a small hole in your eastern line as the French - a good player will ruthlessly exploit it! I moved a southern Inf to plug a gap closer to Paris, and it's been bad news ever since! He hasn't taken Paris yet, but he's moving to do a grand encirclement around the south - time will tell...

Following on from this point, does anyone have a strong opinion about the relative merits of either: (i) retreating the Belgian armoured car south and moving the Belgian Inf to Antwerp (abandoning Brussels without a fight), or (ii) moving the armoured car to Antwerp and sacrificing the Belgian Inf to hold the Germans back a little? I can see pros and cons to either strategy.

Naskra -> RE: Paris Falls (12/31/2012 4:17:12 AM)

I thiink the Bel Armored car should hold in Antwerp with supply support from a Brit ship. The danger with it is that it retreats when attacked and gives a bonus move to its attacker, more than once per turn.

Amaranthus -> RE: Paris Falls (1/2/2013 2:49:15 AM)

Well, Paris never did fall, and that armored car and preserved Belgian infantry turned out to be incredibly useful! So I'll consider this a viable strategy.

fodder -> RE: Paris Falls (1/2/2013 12:45:06 PM)

Well, I won. Have to say I'm a little disappointed that it happen so quickly. Only had the game for five days. The AI needs some work. Hopefully the game will be better in multiplayer.


vonRocko -> RE: Paris Falls (1/11/2013 1:48:02 PM)

Yes, unfortunately the AI is very easy. I won decisively in 1915 on my first game. I stopped playing because the AI is no challenge at all.[:(]

Myrddraal -> RE: Paris Falls (1/11/2013 2:16:10 PM)

Some people find the game too hard, others just right, others too easy... unfortunately we can't please everyone. Hopefully you've found enjoyment in Multiplayer?

vonRocko -> RE: Paris Falls (1/11/2013 2:57:23 PM)

Yes you are correct, i should apologise, I should have said "I find the AI very easy". It is a good game and I certainly do not want to discourage anyone from buying it, in fact I recommend the game. Thanks.[:)]

Robak -> RE: Paris Falls (1/15/2013 7:39:40 AM)

Maybe I'm wrong but so far I've seen only wins of central powers. Maybe it's easier to win with central powers rather then as the entente.

warspite1 -> RE: Paris Falls (1/15/2013 7:44:30 AM)



Maybe I'm wrong but so far I've seen only wins of central powers. Maybe it's easier to win with central powers rather then as the entente.

Do you mean against the AI? Read my (Bob Flemin's) first AAR. That was a victory for the Entente. My second AAR (playing as the CP) was a much quicker victory for the CP.

I think in a PBEM the Central Powers probably have an advantage, but obviously depends on the player. I tend to lose whoever I play and whatever side I'm on [;)]

Robak -> RE: Paris Falls (1/15/2013 12:23:32 PM)

Yes, I mean against AI. I also hadn't got any victory;) But this is ok, game should be challenging.

Robak -> RE: Paris Falls (1/20/2013 10:00:47 PM)



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