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killkess -> Responsiveness of mortars (12/26/2012 8:41:27 AM)

Mortar fire is still much to responsive in indirect fire mode. Needing only ~30 seconds for receiving the fire mission, do the target calculation, shooting spotting rounds, doing corrections and finaly going to FFE is rediculously quick. This gives the target only a couple of seconds to reacts. Even communicating the target or the needed corrections will take longer in real live than the whole process we see currently.

Steve McClaire -> RE: Responsiveness of mortars (12/26/2012 5:13:31 PM)

The response time is a trade-off.  Yes, in realism terms, it is much too quick.  But the response time needed to be balanced against the overall speed of action in the game -- issuing orders to any team has a zero response time in the game, whereas in real life if you wanted 1st Squad to advance you would have had to work your way over to the squad leader (probably under fire) and indicate your order to him, then wait while he assess how to do this, relays it to the rest of the squad, and then orders them to move.  So mortars couldn't be given a 2+ minute time to fire without it being far out of balance with other response times.

Tejszd -> RE: Responsiveness of mortars (12/26/2012 5:28:53 PM)

There is a balance between game and realism which the ~30 seconds seems to try to find.

This change was a long time coming as all previous releases allowed mortars to start firing within a couple seconds (time to grab a shell and drop it in) thus this is a big improvement adding realism but still keeping play ability/usefulness of the unit. If it took to much longer than you would almost never hit anything and not select/use mortars which would not be right as they were an important weapon on the WWII battlefield providing local defensive and offensive support....

PEWPEW -> RE: Responsiveness of mortars (2/1/2013 10:28:09 PM)

Maybe we can see experience play a bigger role into the mortar timing? While I agree that 30 seconds is a nice for providing fire support, it is a little too effective for interdiction.

Range 10 -> RE: Responsiveness of mortars (2/10/2013 11:56:25 PM)

Not only is the response time short, the accuracy of mortar fire in indirect mode is unrealistic. With a single spotting round, which can fall just about anywhere, the 2nd and subsequent rounds are not only directly on target, they are remarkably lethal.

Putting a unit in ambush (presumably hidden and using cover) in a previously damaged building (think Casino Italy) does nothing for survivability. They are dead before the fire mission is over. That's a pretty amazing CEP and Pk, without the advanatge of PGMs.

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