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Fishbreath -> Defending large areas? (12/25/2012 11:23:16 PM)

I've been playing the Battered Bastards scenario this Christmas, and a couple of times now I've run into situations where it doesn't seem possible to give the orders I want to give:

1) Around Bastogne, where I had to manually order company-sized units to defend positions because battalion-level orders didn't offer me enough frontage to adequately cover the distances I had to cover. Is there a way to order a battalion to place a line of outposts (to catch attempts at infiltration) that aren't necessarily a solid defensive line?

2) I couldn't afford to use whole battalions from the 4th Armored to defend Chaumont and Clochimont. I would have liked to be able to order a battalion to defend both towns, splitting itself up as necessary, rather than having to order two companies to defend one and the HQ and remaining company to defend the other, especially since I found myself bumping up against the command limit on the XIII Corps headquarters because of #1.

Arjuna -> RE: Defending large areas? (12/25/2012 11:40:23 PM)

Sorry but neirther option is available. You have to micromanage to get the result you want in these situations.

Fishbreath -> RE: Defending large areas? (12/26/2012 2:21:05 AM)

That's a shame, but I suppose it doesn't come up a great deal, and I was able to beat the historical result even with that problem and the halting bug (or perhaps because of the halting bug; the Germans spent this scenario attacking Bastogne rather than delaying the 4th Armored). Any chance we might see an outpost line or multi-defend order in future iterations? They're probably even less important for the Eastern Front game, but I definitely think they'd be handy the next time you revisit Western Europe.

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