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Gunner98 -> Charts & Tables for DaBigBabes (12/24/2012 10:21:49 AM)

Hello again

Have been away for some months and am now trying to get back into the game. I'm starting up as the Allies against the AI in DaIronBabesC, with the extended map and stacking limits so just settling down into turn 1 –should only take a week or so[:D]. I know that some of you are very productive creating game aids, but I can’t seem to find them – or more likely I am looking in the wrong place[:'(]. I have Tracker updated and working and Combat Reporter is also good to go. When I checked in last there was a ‘Submarine Reporter’ in the works – is that still available? So if the answer is in one of these tools, I just haven’t figured it out yet. A couple questions:

-Is there a chart showing the distances between off-map ports and key on-map ports on the extended map?
-Is there a logistics guide for the Babes C shipping capacity limitations?
-I remember that the Babes mod had major Engineer changes, is there a chart outlining these?
-Is there a list of new ship types in the Babes mod?

If these charts exist, could someone please point them out? If they don’t, I’ll try and put something together.

Also – there was some fantastic artwork floating around last year which I downloaded; but noticed that the art does not necessarily line up with the unit in the Babes mod, (US ships with Canadian flags, Aussi air units with Dutch flags etc). I suspect that this involves the different slots for devices or some such stuff which I don’t understand – is there a specific artwork set that matches DaBigBabes?


Go Guns

drw61 -> RE: Charts & Tables for DaBigBabes (12/24/2012 8:38:45 PM)

Here is the link for the DBBB Artwork.

Also here is what John posed on the engineers.
Basically, If the unit is called a “Constr” Bn/Rgt, it’s main capability is to build.
If a unit is called a “Port” Bn/Rgt, its main capability is load/unload, second is build.
If a unit is called a “Maint” Bn/Rgt, it does a bit of everything, build, load, NavSup, AvSup; Base Maint does more AvSup than NavSup, Port Maint does more NavSup than AvSup�

Gunner98 -> RE: Charts & Tables for DaBigBabes (12/25/2012 1:49:23 AM)

Thanks Daryl

Art works like a charm.

Mary Xmas


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