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Remon -> German version has still update error for me (12/23/2012 6:39:54 PM)


I posted a few days ago in another thread "Need help! German version of RotS...", because for me the the key and update did not work with your first addon. Meanwhile I switched to Windows 8 and reinstalled my entire computer at that opportunity. Well, now I got so far to reinstall your game as well, and guess what? It still does not work with the standard update procedure. The German key apparentely works now (thank you for that), but now I receive an error I have no clue about. A window pops up after thte update download, and it says:

On start, Line 44, attempt to perform arithmetic on global "FileSizeBits" (a string value)

Clicking on the progress button only produces the the same window again - and still no update install.

Does that still mean I have to go via the Beta server, even though the update apparently exists? Anyone else with this problem? A translation programming language - English, or even better: programming language - German would be appreciated.

Have a nice holiday in any case.
Remon (still regretting the addon purchase, btw)

Erik Rutins -> RE: German version has still update error for me (12/24/2012 3:12:10 AM)

Hi Remon,

Thanks for starting a new thread, it's much easier to see new issue reports that way. I'm sorry for the problems you've had. Can you please try the new update we just released for German customers? Please see the post linked below.�

Please let me know if that works for you.


- Erik

Remon -> RE: German version has still update error for me (12/25/2012 7:22:15 PM)

Thank you for your reply. Update tried aka successfully installed with the result that now the game crashes on launch. Update log says everything's fine, but when I click to launch Windows says "Distant Worlds does not work anymore - Trying to find a solution..." (that screen disappears after the attempt and nothing became of it).

Here's the update log:
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Success Update started: C:\Matrix Games\Distant Worlds\update.exe
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Notice Update engine version:
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Notice Product: Distant Worlds Return of the Shakturi, version %ProductVer%
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Success Language set: Primary = 7, Secondary = 1
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Success Include script: _TU20_Global_Functions.lua
[12/25/2012 19:51:15] Success Display screen: Download Server Script
[12/25/2012 19:51:23] Success Language set: Primary = 7, Secondary = 1
[12/25/2012 19:51:23] Success Display screen: Update Available
[12/25/2012 19:51:26] Success Display screen: Download File (FTP)
[12/25/2012 19:53:57] Success Display screen: Update Finished
[12/25/2012 19:53:59] Success Run client data event: Client Script
[12/25/2012 19:53:59] Notice Exit update process (Return code: 0)

Is there any game log file I can post here so it is possible to figure out why your software does not even start? The Windows error message is useless when trying to find out the problem's cause.
Or is it now Windows 8 64-bit that makes playing DW impossible?

Erik Rutins -> RE: German version has still update error for me (12/26/2012 12:54:17 AM)

Hi Remon,

I'm glad to hear you were able to download and install the update.

There should be a log file in your C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Code Force Limited\Distant Worlds\<version number> folder called DW_CrashDump.txt

When you installed the game, did you make sure to allow the required additional components, including DirectX and .NET to install, or did you uncheck any of those?

Could you post a DxDiag as well please? Instructions here:


- Erik

Remon -> RE: German version has still update error for me (12/30/2012 9:21:11 PM)

Hi Erik,

sorry for the late reply, I was kinda busy during the last days.

Okay, so here's the latest progress update:

I checked all additional requirements during the installation (always do, since I had problems because of that at the first time long ago).
I will post the dxdiag here later on, but more useful was retrieving the suprisingly short crashdump, which only listed the last attempt. Unfortunately it is German, but I will give you a rudimentary translation after:

Distant Worlds - Crash Dump -

01:02:32 Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Der angeforderte Vorgang erfordert erhöhte Rechte
bei System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
bei System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
bei SaEfjpPqR5net5jLgZ.QDCoZqkGaDum5PfOLg.K0waM4vJNAFTAMW5oJea(Object )
bei SaEfjpPqR5net5jLgZ.QDCoZqkGaDum5PfOLg.wp0z14esSY()
bei SaEfjpPqR5net5jLgZ.QDCoZqkGaDum5PfOLg.mC1w0tvJQrESGHLbSbyr()
bei SaEfjpPqR5net5jLgZ.QDCoZqkGaDum5PfOLg.LIczKL7roD()

--- COMPLETE ---

Basically the interesting sentence says (in clumsy English): "The launched progress requires higher rights."

Guess what: I enforced it as administrator 5 minutes ago and the addon launched. *head hits the wall*
Afaik Win 8 never announced this problem. Just the crashdump, which I could locate with your posted path, did it. "Run as administrator" on the game simply solved the matter after the new update from your side was online. Might even be a problem you know well.
Dunno why my computer developed the habit now.

DXdiag is listed below for the complete report. Maybe this case will help in similar ones further down the road someday. Thus this positive feedback instead of silence.

Thanks, and I hope I don't have to write a new post during the next hour, but there I am quite optimistic.

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