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ironduke1955 -> ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 2:11:57 PM)

Civ 5 is hex based why can't they use Vic's ATG gaming system. The military system in CIV 5 is so simplistic it makes Tic Tack Toe look complicated.[:)] Or what about ATG Civilization's.

Bombur -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 2:30:05 PM)

You have to master the event engine to simulate civilian economy and economic development. Such a scenario wont be AI compatible too.

ironduke1955 -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 4:59:23 PM)

Give a guy some hope here please. Or give the CIV guys a kick up the pants.[:D]

Strategiusz -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 5:14:19 PM)

Large map, shroud, one town, loop, stone age, depleted land and you have 4X game like Civ.

Josh -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 7:26:45 PM)

Yeah it can be tempting to see ATG develop to a Civ like game... add this and add that, but in the end it would not improve but ruin the game. So I think more like Madlok here; play on a large shrouded map starting in the "stone age" it's almost like Civ/Colonization. Civ never has been a true wargame, so the conflict aspect of it sucks.
Now on the other hand if someone could develop a ATG mod along the lines of "Call to Power"... [&o]


Man I loved that game.

ironduke1955 -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 8:31:41 PM)

The commander system lends itself very well to creating a balanced Ancient Medieval or Napoleonic army. I liked call to power in many ways it was superior to CIV but the Military systems always like CIV let the games down. Tanks being destroyed by a Phalanx (More Civ 3 than Civ 5). I was trying to calculate how many Sarissas you need to shove down the barrel to disable a tank. I have played the game on stone age good fun. But there is no more fun than taking the well laid out and organised homeland of your enemy and trampling it to dust, after all he declared war on you.

Bombur -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/21/2012 8:54:09 PM)


ORIGINAL: ironduke1955

Give a guy some hope here please. Or give the CIV guys a kick up the pants.[:D]

Im not saying it is impossible, it just will need a ton of events. My own mod allows you to play 60 years of military tech development in a random map, however, civilian economy is completely missed.
And forget the will never be able to deal with the increased complexity of such a game....

Josh -> RE: ATG Civilization (12/22/2012 3:07:24 PM)

Well I think Duke is right in that trampling your opponent into the dust can be fun, detroying his infrastructure and oil wells and what not, CtP did a great job at that... but honestly I don't see ATG developing that way anytime soon.
On the other hand if I recall correctly Vic said he was working on a complete new game... so who knows. Sure the AI can be slow and dim, but some things can be hard coded to help it a bit. Me I always play against the AI, except for multiplayer shooters... they are great fun online.

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