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AFV -> 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 7:54:23 AM)

This may be WAD, just not very common. I guess I am more curious how it happened and why really.

Has anyone run into this situation?
This was a Soviet attack, that initially had good odds, but a strong Axis reserve activation (relatively, anyways) made the odds very bad (1:5)- however the attack resulted in a retreat anyways.


carlkay58 -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 11:11:56 AM)

Might be one for the technical section. Definitely looks like a bug.

Apollo11 -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 11:27:43 AM)

Hi all,

Please post this in "Tech" subforum!

Also, please, post any savegame file for this - it would be of great help...

Thanks in advance!

Leo "Apollo11"

BleedingOrange -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 12:42:53 PM)

Sorry looked at it wrong

Pelton -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 12:51:51 PM)

Thats not good, guess I better check my battles also.

Your using .04 and not the latest up dates.

What is GHC using?

SigUp -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 1:27:24 PM)

By the way, December 30th 1943 and you already in Berlin. [:D]

AFV -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 2:43:56 PM)

One version, its vs the AI. I actually did not realize there was a new version (non-beta) available. Updating as of right now, thanks.

elmo3 -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 3:02:26 PM)

Please run the turn again with your files updated. If this repeats then please send us the save file before the battle.

AFV -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 9:04:42 PM)

Updated, loaded save, tried several times under 1.06.19, the Panzer Division didn't commit. Even if it did, the die rolls would have to be just right to recreate.
Since it's essentially unrepeatable, its not really anything that can be fixed.

sillyflower -> RE: 1:5 attack wins! (12/19/2012 11:06:10 PM)

sseing as inf div has CV of 0-0, I wonder if it became depleted by combat so retreated for that reason.

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