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Bonners -> 1943 - SS Panzer Corps - weaker as a design decision? (12/17/2012 3:45:15 PM)

I didnt really have chance in my current playthrough of Uranus, but since then I've been doing a bit more reading about the Soviet breakthrough at Kharkov and the subsequent German counter-attacks.

When I was playing the game I was kind of expecting 3 SS divisions as well as Gross Deutchland to turn up. But if you look at the reinforcement schedule only two of the SS panzer divisions actually turn up. This is in addition to SS Wiking which is already on the map.

Also (I cant remember which one it was), but the first one that turns up mainly has panzer IIIs, whereas in reality they had large number of PIVs (about 50) and also a small number of Tigers (about 9-10).

Finally, why are the dates so late when they arrive? In reality the first units from the SS panzer corps were engaged from 31st January. Now if they turn up with full readiness and APs then the current dates fit in historically as it obviously took some time for the units to fully form up as an offensive fighting force. But with the new rules meaning that reinforcements get reduced readiness, should the reinforcement schedule be reconsidered? This mainly applies to these units, but maybe a cross the board as well.

None of this is a game breaker (I know the reinforcement schedules from the start I obviously play to them) and is more out of curiosity than anything else wondering if these were deliberate design decisions? Are there other units already n the map to compensate? Is it to do with one of the SS divisions and Gross Deutchland already being on the map in the earlier scenarios and mirroring the earlier scenarios reinforcement schedule even though they have been withdrawn before the start of the Uranus scenario? Obviously I'm playing the current campaign as Germans, but I suppose the same may apply to Soviet units as well and I'm wondering if there are similar strictures on their reinforcements to balance it out.

Not sure if this is in the right place or not, so feel free to move - more of a 'curiosity bug' rather than a 'technical bug'.

Bonners -> RE: 1943 - SS Panzer Corps - weaker as a design decision? (1/12/2013 3:55:15 PM)

Re-playing Uranus with Oivier again and I've noticed something else with the latest beta version. The 2nd Hungarian panzer division has not turned up this time around. It is still showing up as a reinforcement, nut just didnt appear. Difficult to tell when it is supposed to appear as there is a text error, but last time it turned up on 7th January.

Also, playing with this version I cant see if the missing SS division and Gross Deutschland are turning up or not, they are not listed in the reinforcement schedule though.

Vic -> RE: 1943 - SS Panzer Corps - weaker as a design decision? (1/13/2013 9:31:33 PM)

The arrival date of 2nd hun. armour has shifted to 25th of july in v1.05. But I think I should remove it entirely actually since it seems it has never made it to the front untill 1944.

I will look into getting GD division and Totenkopf back though for players starting play in Uranus. The thing is the code thinks they have already arrived, and would have if you had started with Case Blue or Trappenjagd.

Thanks for focussing my attention on this issue. We should get the last parts of the battle right.

I scheduled this for v1.06.


Bonners -> RE: 1943 - SS Panzer Corps - weaker as a design decision? (1/14/2013 8:01:02 AM)

Thanks for looking at this, I need all the help I can get against the Uranus Soviet steamroller[:)]

Bonners -> RE: 1943 - SS Panzer Corps - weaker as a design decision? (1/17/2013 10:09:43 PM)

Sorry to be a pain, but just remembered two other minor bugs that are in Uranus, they really are small, but if you're looking at it anyway probably worth mentioning.

I still get some strange reinforcements for Germans, most are fine, but I get the following on the latest beta patch still:

Reinforcements listed as '200 n/a' - not sure what these are, possibly Hungarians?

SS HQ reinforcements that cannot be used as there is not an option to set up a SS corps.

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