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olivier34 -> How to ? Amphibious landing (12/16/2012 6:53:56 PM)

I had conduct an amphibious landing near Anapa during my game with Bonners and my units received zero supply...I am a newbie regarding this aspect of the game. Here is another attempt and again my troops receive nothing. I would have expect to have some numbers in the blue circle (supply lost on the way ? but nothing too).
Any thoughts ?


wallas -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/16/2012 8:57:58 PM)

Serious supply comes through a port. Your invasion I would consider a raid

LiquidSky -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/16/2012 9:44:25 PM)

You need a port. Without one, you can get by with Air Transports, except, you don't you any. I see you still have some supply stock, so you might have enough strength to take the port beside you, but I doubt it.

Even if you take the port, the germans will probably transfer Luftwaffe down to prevent supplies from flowing in.

Invasions are tricky for both sides. The germans can resupply by air, but will probably lose their entire navy to the Soviet one. The soviets can invade where they want, but wont be able to supply it. Basically if you are going to do an invasion, it is only going to be a diversion. And the units will probably die.

Bonners -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/17/2012 8:08:30 AM)

I think the main use for Soviet amphibious invasions for the Soviets is the inconvenience that is causes the Germans. I was fairly sure you had little supply for these invasions, but I wasnt sure. As a response I moved most of my level bombers away from the main front at Stalingrad just to make sure you had no supply. Similarly I ended up moving two precious panzer divisions to cover the landing.

I think the only way to gain supply is to make sure you have a port and also make sure you have plenty of fighter cover.

I'm not too sure what the fighters should do though. I think just their presence should stop some of the interdiction of supplies, similar to the level bombers interdicting supply by their presence. I wouldnt mind one of the more experienced players confirming this though. I think amphibious invasions shouldnt be an easy option in the game though which seems to translate into the rules. Take the one major invasion the Russians did attempt during this time frame where they moved troops back into the Kerch Peninsula and look how badly that turned out for them - generally even wrose than the actual Kerch campaign in the Trappennjard scenario.

Without reading up I'm not sure, but off the top of my head the next major Soviet invasion wasnt until they re-landed at Kerch post the Kursk battles in 1943 and even then the 17th Army were able to simultaneously evacuate most of their forces in safety from the Taman.

I think the rubbish amount of supply that gets through for amphibious invasions helps to replicate the conservative nature of the Soviet use of their naval forces.

olivier34 -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/17/2012 11:50:33 AM)

Thanks for the responses. I was pretty sure that a port is needed. In the Uranus scenario, Anapa can be a minor objective or it seems very hard to take it if thegerman player wisely let a unit in this port. Maybe two divisions could make an attempt with the cover of some fighters.
The soviets were very conservative but keep two panzers around Anapa Bonners, you never know [:D]

Bonners -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/17/2012 11:56:00 AM)

....and that is the reason why even an unsuccessful amphibious operation is still useful. Consider them like wallas has said - as raids. When I lost the Romanains in our last game it was really frustrating as I had to use valuable German units covering every port wondering if you were going to conduct another amphibious invasion, the mere threat of it is worrying enough.

Dont worry though I wont be stationing any panzers in reserve around ports, I've decided to but one of these in preparation for our next game[:D]:

LiquidSky -> RE: How to ? Amphibious landing (12/17/2012 4:16:46 PM)

What you should be using to cover the ports is Ersatz infantry. OKH, 2nd army, and 6th army all start with the emergency troops card. You should be playing the troops as much as you need to cover all the ports. The units themselves are not particularly strong, but are good enough to warn you that an invasion is trying for a port.

If you make enough of them, and the Russians allow you to keep your fleet, you can use them to invade with to. Better to lose them then a real unit.

Just be sure to put their replacement level at 25%, as they will take real infantry if they get damaged.

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