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Isokron -> Trappenjagd, Isokron(german) vs Bossgnome (12/16/2012 6:42:56 PM)

Turn 1:

I will try to keep this AAR to full turns so the maps will be from before my movement in the next turn.

Not much to do on the first turn for the germans, I start bombing Kerch and do some attacks, Sevastopol will have to wait until I can starve him out. In the old version with 0 entrenchment at start one could usually cut off about half the soviet army at Kerch on first turn and probably reach historical attack speed but now one will have to do with a slow grind and hope that the luftwaffe can isolate the troops. This will probably be expensive against an opponent that try to prevent it though (moves extra aa units into Kerch, place his fighters in the south).

On their turn the Soviets attacks all over the line causing about 18k casulties which is of course a lot more than the germans can afford, I will have to try to slow down the losses somehow without giving too much ground.


Isokron -> RE: Trappenjagd, Isokron(german) vs Bossgnome (12/19/2012 9:02:07 PM)

Turn 2:

The best news for me this turn is probably the airwar where he chooses to keep his airforce in a forward position and do attacks with both fighters and bombers resulting in almost 200 lost fighters for him. I also manages to bomb down Kerch to zero while hoping that convoy interdiction will do the job around Sevastopol.

Around Kerch he choose to keep a very strong frontline with 170+ stacks along it which limits me to one attack but bring him huge losses in that one.

In front of Kharkow his two pronged attack threaten to cut off my frontline divisions so I start a general retreat to the forest and riverline. I could probably have successfully counterattacked one of his spearheads but if the attack had failed I would have lost a lot of troops and I want to retreat to better defensive terrain anyway. South of Kharkow he is also much to strong so I retreat and forms a line in the forests to the north.

The rest of the front I just attacks where I think I can get good attrition ratios.

On his turn he continue advancing around Kharkow but with his northern spearhead seemingly intent on going generally northwest. My losses falls to about 10k while he losses about 20k so I'm almost up to the 3:1 attrition ratio that I think I will need to win long term.


Isokron -> RE: Trappenjagd, Isokron(german) vs Bossgnome (12/21/2012 7:02:43 PM)

Turn 3:

This is not actually a mudturn the screenshot is from the start of next turn. In the crimea it seems like his airforce is exhausted since I start doing a lot more supply interdiction. I also continue to grind down his forces around Kerch and most of them should start running low on supply next turn.

Around Kharokow I finish my withdrawal to the forest line and also do a counterattack to the north lead by a panzer division. The rest of the front I just continue doing small attacks to cause attrition. If it seems like some of these are the same as last turn that's because he moves back troops into the taken hexes which then become the least entrenched troops around justifying a new attack.

On his turn he continue to move forward somewhat hesitantly around Kharkow while continued attacks in the north makes my whole front around centred around the bulgarians untenable.


demyansk -> RE: Trappenjagd, Isokron(german) vs Bossgnome (1/6/2013 12:38:09 PM)

That picture of the crimea looks funny

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