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richardus -> Best endgame ship design? (12/13/2012 5:58:27 PM)

Just wondering how people normally outfit their ships when they have most techs researched. I normally have three types of ships:

All phaser lance cruisers
Carriers with no offensive weapons
Troop transports with no offensive weapons

I normally have fleets comprised of 4 carriers and 10 cruisers, and troop fleets of 10 transports. I generally build to the maximum size I can. I never seem to use missiles, torpedoes, mass drivers, area effect weapons, or ion cannons (except during the early game, that is).

The formula is starting to get boring so just trying to get some ideas to mix things up a bit.

Cruis.In -> RE: Best endgame ship design? (12/14/2012 1:13:40 AM)

I have designed a dreadnought for me to go prowling in :)

I have to get back to you on the design since it is at work, and I am at home. Need to email it home :)

Also I use plasma bolts and titan beams. Titan beams because of the refire rate and speed at which they travel so I can shoot ships close in.

And plasma bolts because the range/damage/draw back is unmatch. No penalty vs shield or armor.

What I would like to see is the AI adapt to what you build. Not have profile which they follow. If I use ships with concussion missiles for example they should use lots of armor on their ships since concussion missiles have 50% less effect against armor.

Also I'd like to see more weapons with penalties, concussion missiles afaik is among only like one or two weapons to have such a penalty.

I'd also like to see better ship control. If one of the alternative game modes is to automate everything and pilot your ship around exploring then you should be able to better manage what it targets. Sometimes when I am fighting against multiple ships with one ship I have controlling, I can't get it to focus on the target I want with all weapons, tho the ship is in range of all weapons.

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