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arioch -> troop transports not dropping troops (12/9/2012 10:52:21 PM)

I have 3 troop transports with 14 troops which won't drop troops on enemy planet. I have fuel. There are no enemy ports or ships around the planet. I am at war with them and removed their defenses. I've had the planet blockaded for a while. When I select the fleet or single ship and right-click on planet, it just wants to attack but there's nothing to attack so the ships just float nearby and don't do anything. I changed fleet posture to attack and set target to be the planet. While i tried everything I could think of, my friendly neighbor flew in and took over the planet. [:@] What am I missing?

What I'd like to see added to DW is some feedback, for this and other similar situations. What is preventing the troops from deploying, or whatever the situation? If a fleet admiral yells to land troops, do all the sub-ordinates just stand around not doing anything?!? They'd comply and acknowledge or indicate the problem. Display a pop-up message or something in red in the unit display box in lower left. Something, anything please.


12/15/2012 UPDATE:
When I first encountered this, I searched the forum for 'not unloading'. I should have done more searching which I did later and discovered similar posts with 'invade'. Had to weed out false positives but at least I could see similar posts. From this, I checked my ships and they did have fuel. I probably had done blockade with the troop fleet or other fleets in the system. I wonder if that was a factor? I double-checked the troop ship design and it was set to 'Invade immediately'. So I think that was the answers from the other posts I found. I'm new to the game so I'm still learning.

Great game!

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