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LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/15/2013 8:54:50 PM)

Turn 68: September 23, 1942.

Well...I spent the first week of September trying to push North from Stalingrad, using the Volga to cover my right flank. But it seemed like I was running into every Rifle Division the Russians owned..most of them at full strength. Finally, I noticed that the Russians were massing tanks at several different parts of the front, and I was forced to pull back to a line.

The Russians attacked south of Stalingrad, and caused some pretty massive casualites, as much as 25% of the strength of a division. However, I counterattacked on my turn causing even greater losses on his attackers (due to lower readiness/entrenchment). Along the Don, where I had 4 hexsides (or 3 and he crossed the river), I would attack his concentrations, with large loss of Russians.

But it is like putting your fingers in a dike...I know I cannot maintain a defence for long before something would give...

Enter THE SS.

Secretly I railed the 1st Panzer army with all the artillery to Voronezh. And stacked it underneath existing units so that a casual glance at the map would not reveal their presence.

(NOTE: it is a good idea to use the zoomed in mode to quickly scan a front. It will reveal troop concentrations very easily)

Two turns ago, with the Russians massed for several attacks along my front, I unleashed the SS and 4 panzer divisions, after a fierce artillery bombardment. The LAH division pushed 5 hexes behind his lines, with the Wiking, the Slovaks Fast division, and 2 panzer divisions following.

Last turn, I isolated 5 rifle divisions, and mopped them up this turn.

The front now looks like this:


I have also noticed that all the tank corps that were massing on the front have doubt being railed to cause me some grief in the North.

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/15/2013 9:09:12 PM)

The Stalingrad front is not so rosy. During the battle for Stalingrad, and after, I have played the Infantry card as many times as I now costs 185 points. As a result, my divisions are still fairly strong, with only a few less then 75% strength.

I thought to push north along the Volga, but as I got farther and farther north, I realized I could never hold the left flank..and I doubted if I could make it all the way up to Saratov.

Plus, the Russians had gotten uppity in the Caucaus, so I pulled back to a line north of the city.

On a whim, I attacked over the Volga with my parachute division and took the port city Rachinka next to Dubowka. I wanted to see if supply would move over the Volga. The supply cost to move into the port city is 75 AP. For the Stalingrad ferry, it is 66 AP ( I guess because of the logistics bonus for Stalingrad).

It is enough supply for me to be yellow on the road, and blue if I move off it...which against his weak screen of Russians, is enough for me to try and isolate some units.

On another note, the Russians have noticed that supply is fed into Stalingrad by one rail line from Germany. And has started to systematically blow the bridges. However, he hasn't realized that supply will still flow from the railheads along the roads, so the effect is not as strong as he might like.

On the other hand, the effect is strong enough to drop me into the blue over the Volga..


The end result is I will have to evacuate the eastern bank of the Volga before my supply level gets too low to move back over the river.

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/15/2013 9:47:50 PM)

When I look at my losses and strengths, my Fighter force is at about 50%. Divebombers are at around 33%. My Level bombers are at about 90% strength. (I even had some Ju88a's in my pool for a while).

The Panzers are still pretty strong...a couple at 75%, most above 90. I had 2 panzer divisions in reserve for most of the summer doing nothing. And my 1st Panzer Army sat for a long time before being railed north. I have only really used 4 panzer divisions heavily.

My infantry are strong in the quiet fronts, and weaker where I have been pushing around Stalingrad...probably around 75% there, and 90% along the Don.

My oil is a non issue..but then, I hardly move my panzers around, only using them in spurts. And I doubt I have ever moved all of them on the same turn, ever. My airforce I use heavily on some turns, and very little on others as well...

Supply as well seems to be a non issue..just distance affecting my levels, rather then quantity.

Things I have noticed:

As I noted is good to hit the zoomed in button to spread the units out in the hex. And just scroll along the front. You will easily pick out troop concentrations.

The Germans are an attack army. Not so good at defence. The best way to kill Russians is to attack their units that have attacked you.

Quantity is not a defence. Entrenchment/readiness is your only defence. In fact, it seems to me that too much quantity makes the hex easier to take.

Double-tap units as much as possible..even if they retreat onto another stack. The first attack will greatly reduce their readiness, and they will have no entrenchment level. The second attack will panic/break them..even if fresh units in the hex hold.

The air war cannot be won by the Germans...but you can reach a 'stalemate' where you can at least still fly your bombers escorted. Or bomb other areas of the front...where his fighters aren't.

Bismarck2761 -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/22/2013 11:24:14 AM)

LiquidSky - how on earth do you make such progress without using your Panzers? Tactical tips would be appreciated!

wallas -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/22/2013 9:18:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: Bismarck2761

LiquidSky - how on earth do you make such progress without using your Panzers? Tactical tips would be appreciated!


infantry are strong in the quiet fronts, and weaker where I have been pushing around Stalingrad...probably around 75% there, and 90% along the Don.

He only makes progress because of his panzers I think you already answered your question.

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/27/2013 7:40:50 PM)

I (usually) only attack with my infantry when I have three hexsides. Also, if all the divisions attacking belong to the same corp, then the concentric bonus is I usually have 40% bonus for concentric and 40% for divisions attacking. I always use as much artillery (up to 100 stacking points) as possible first. Then I follow up with a 100 points of bombers. This usually drops the entrenchments and readiness to below 50. (if it is a plains hex).

As for card play, I usually save them for defence. Usually for entrenchment on the division that advances forward after combat.

Turn 91: November 8, 1942. Weather: Clear everywhere.

Seems strange to me that we had some snow/mud mixed up on the map earlier in October, but the weather seems to have cleared up and is has been consistently been clear the last few turns. Not sure if it is a bug, or just a fluky die roll that is giving me clear weather.

October was an interesting month..I pulled back the Luftwaffe for a while, and played the fighter card about 5-6 times bringing it up to almost double strength (from what it was). As a result, I was able to wrest control of the skies back from the Russians.

My infantry card now costs 266 points. My fighters are 107 points. My infantry in the front line are averaging around 1500 men per regiment. My fighters are at around 75% strength.

The only place I am pushing forward is in the far north, to straighten the front...but I don't have much farther to go before I will stop. Other then that, the only attacks I do is to counterattack the Russians if they attack me....or if they push forward into hexes that are surrounded by 3 or 4 of my divisions.

On the map, I have 4 panzer divisions in the south and 2 in the north as a strategic reserve. I cannot back away from Stalingrad (as that would throw away the minor victory), so I have a rather large salient pushing east into Russia...guarded in the south by the Axis Minor armies along the Don....and German divisions in the open.

The Russians have been able to attack me, but suffer a fair number of losses from my counterattacks. He has wrecked a German infantry divisions though (only 1 inf and 1 arty regiment left).

Here is the map at the end of my turn:


LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/27/2013 7:59:34 PM)

My prestige is down to 57..from a high of 65. I keep getting minor missions to take objectives..but since I am not pushing deeper into Russia, I am losing 1 or 2 points every few turns. And since the front is static, I will not be getting defensive missions I suppose sooner or later, I will reach zero. But I hope I have a big enough cushion to survive until April 1943.

Oil reserves are a non issue. I hardly move my mechanized/airforce so I burn very little oil per turn.

Supply seems to be a non issue as well...I have plenty of supply for everyone.

The Axis minors are pretty much at full strength, with even some replacements building up at OKH. But then, they have done no fighting for the last couple of months.

olivier34 -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/28/2013 2:50:38 PM)

you have to hold Stalingrad until April 43 to get a minor victory !!
I suppose that your opponent is building a large offensive that should blow your minor allies and free Rostov. In the same time another offensive will of course threat the Stalingrad area...
Why have you not gone deeper into the Caucasus in this game ?
Good luck and thanks for the AAR !

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/28/2013 9:02:35 PM)

I doubt that I will be able to hang on all the way until April 1943 for a victory. However, if I pull back from my Stalingrad salient, I will severely shorten my line probably guaranteeing a draw.

I have no intention of doing that. I will hang onto Stalingrad for as long as I can. So far he is able to wreck an infantry division every couple of turns, but if he advances and takes the hex, I usually punish him by counterattacking with my panzer divisions. I suspect that I will reach a point where I can no longer hold a line with beat up infantry divisions.

My problem is I have run out of infantry replacements. I can no longer save enough political points to play infantry. I am in the process of playing my panzer card (three times now), and my panzer divisions are on priority, so they are doing okay...

As for the Caucaus. I was attacking south after I took Rostov (fairly quickly too). However, the Russians sent a large tank army down and it not only stopped my advance, but was actually starting to push me back. So I played Avoid Krasnador, and pulled the minor axis army back to guard the Don, and pushed all the Germans towards Stalingrad. Remember that we are playing Trappenjagd, so the Russians start with a lot more tank corps.

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (3/30/2013 6:52:17 PM)

Well..a couple turns later, and the world is a sea of white. Snow everywhere. The Russians are building up for what appears to be a major push north of Stalingrad. My reserve panzer korp is guarding the southern approaches so I feel safe there. My minor Axis are at full strength, and they have quite a few divisions in reserve. As well..the weather around Rostov usually doesn't stay cold, so there is a good chance the Don won't freeze over.

I finally finished my offensive in the far north..straightening out my line...and freeing up two panzer divisions. One of which is extrememly beat up (less then 50%). I have sent them to help out my Northern Stalingrad front.

Once the Russians start their big offensive, I will start posting maps again.

Oh...the Russians have lost almost 1.2 million infantry to my 300k... a 4-1 ratio. Last game I was only a 3-1 ratio, so I must be doing something right. My prestige is down to 56 now.

LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (4/3/2013 6:54:10 PM)

Turn 104: December 4, 1942. Weather clear and cold.

The Russians have launched a few attacks..and punched a couple of holes in my lines. However, with my reserve panzers, I have managed push him back. We are beginning to suspect a problem, or perhaps it is just from the way we play....

Because of the fairly high losses of combat, the Russians are unable to build up any experience with his troops. The low value of replacements drives his experience down faster then he can build it up by attacking/defending...and even when he uses cards to build up his experience, combat will drive it back down (from replacements).

In contrast, the Germans do not get replacements. As a result, my experience is around/below 60 for the Germans, and 40 for my Axis minors. Morale is all over the place, but mostly above 50 and below 70.

My fighters have been practically eliminated. I have maybe 9 steps of German fighters left. I also have around 9 steps of stukas left as well. I still have plenty of level bombers, and lots of Ju-52's.

Losses for the Russians are around 1.3 million my 350k. So I still seem to be following a 4-1 ratio.

On the plus side, I am starting to get reinforcements again...having received an Italian cavalry division, a Tiger battalion, and the 6th Panzer Division.


LiquidSky -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (4/15/2013 4:19:04 AM)

Turn 126th mid January, 1942. The Russians surrender.

The Russians were unable to take and hold terrain. Anytime I got 3 hexsides on the Russians, I would counterattack and drive him back inflicting massive casualties. With all the extra divisions showing up over the winter, I had a reserve of 6 panzer divisions. With 3 more (and two more SS) panzer divisions coming as reinforcements. The Germans were getting stronger while the Russians were getting weaker.

What was happening is that the Russians could not gain any sort of momentum because whenever he suffered casualties..the experience of the divisions would plummet when they received 10% exp replacements from STAVKA.

I suspect a similar problem is what happens to the Axis air. Once you suffer enough losses, your exp drops, and your casualties in combat rise. Causing a vicious circle.

In quiet areas of the front, the Russians had grown to 30% exp. My Axis minors had grown to 40%. A lot of my Germans were at 60%. And with next to no replacements coming in, my exp was staying at 60%.

Anyways..we have a new game going. Same sides. I changed all the Russian infantry and tank replacements to be 25% instead of 10% exp. I changed the German air replacements to be 50% instead of 20% exp. I also changed the German infantry and tank replacements to be 40%.


Hugolin -> RE: Trippen the Trappen Two (4/15/2013 1:13:56 PM)

Congrats and good AAR. It seems that yeah, causing massive casualty and keeping Russia's XP low works... Well done!

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