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pmsteinm -> Aircraft estimated combat radius vs ready range (12/8/2012 8:22:15 PM)

Why are the "estimated combat radius" values half to two-thirds of the range displayed under the ready aircraft menu? I've noticed in my scenario that Tu-22Ms can't reach anything anymore (est. range says ~800, but when I ready them it shows 1600. The added problem is that the computer still launches them on their ASuw mission only to have them turn back about halfway there because they are bingo fuel.

I haven't played ANW in a while so I assume something has changed? I'm using the latest 3.11.1 beta and HUD4 1.1 (Nov 24th 2012). Last time I played was 3.10.x and HUD3.

JSF -> RE: Aircraft estimated combat radius vs ready range (12/9/2012 11:20:48 AM)


this could be caused by the mission flight profile. Maybe they fly low and fuel-consuming. The range given when readying them might rely on a high altitude cruise whereas your missions burn more fuel. Maybe just post thescenario here so the guys around can test it out?

If it turns out to be an database issue, post it here:

pmsteinm -> RE: Aircraft estimated combat radius vs ready range (12/9/2012 4:48:15 PM)

So it seems like this is so common that everyone should be seeing this. It looks to me like the ranges listed in the range column when selecting a loadout are only based on the amount of fuel the aircraft is carrying and not the weight of the stores. The estimated radius shown in the bottom section includes everything. At least that's how it looks. Every single aircraft type seems to behave this way. I loaded several scenarios that came with H3 and they all do this. Is this just WAD?

I also tried H3 v3.9.4 and it behaves the same way. I never really noticed this before (aside from planes running out of fuel when I didn't expect) because the estimated radius scrolls off the screen with loadouts that have more than a couple of items.

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