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razanon -> ART in different Resolution (12/8/2012 11:24:20 AM)

hi guys, is there any link to get screens and every option screen in more tan 512 or 1024? im playing at 1650X1050

thx in advance!!!

Oberst_Klink -> RE: ART in different Resolution (12/8/2012 11:33:31 AM)

A quick look in the What's New PDF file works wonder...

Wide Screen Support
New in the third official update:
-px -py
To have any effect x must be greater than 1024 and y must be greater than 768. I f values less
than or equal to px=1024 and py=768 are used the original values of 1024 and 768 will be
Spanning mode is not supported and user should ensure that both the video adapter and monitor
support the px and py values.
We were unable to test on all possible monitor combinations, if you experience issues you should
immediatel y remove the px py from your command line switches to revert to standard display
-f -px1920 py1200 for a 1920x1200 monitor in full screen mode
-w px1680 py1050 for windowed mode, so that the window is
within desktop
Other Switches
-colorBlind : Support for color blindness
-deepColor : Enables 32 bit color, intended for Full Screen mode
-altFont : Enables alternate in-game font (Lucida Sans Unicode)
-w : Windowed mode
-wd : Windowed mode, daily autosaves
-ww : Windowed mode, weekl y autosaves
-fd : Full screen, dail y autosaves
-fw : Full screen, weekl y autosaves
-r : Show Roads
-autosave : Dail y autosave
-archive : Put data reports in archive director y
-skipVideo : Skip the intro video when starting the game
-fixedArt : Will not use rotating images

Klink, Oberst

LoBaron -> RE: ART in different Resolution (12/8/2012 1:04:07 PM)

No, sady this is not possible.

You can change ingame resolution to match your screen res, but windows, menu or option screens stay at original res.
Which means that those screens get smaller in proportion as you increase game res.

razanon -> RE: ART in different Resolution (12/8/2012 7:21:06 PM)

i read the pdf but i was asking if there is any way to change the screens (optiones etc) to fit new resolution.

thx anyway

Reg -> RE: ART in different Resolution (12/8/2012 9:23:13 PM)

The options screens are just a displayed bitmap graphic (of a fixed size). You will find these screen graphics as well as the button graphics in the 'art' folder.

In theory you could resize the screen bitmaps to match your screen resolution (bearing in mind that every player is probably running a different resolution depending on their hardware). However, the buttons positions will then not line up with the background graphics and will need to be resized as well. As WITP doesn't use the operating system for windows management, getting things sized and lined up properly will all need to be hand coded.

All in all it is possible but considering the number of possibilities this is a lot of effort for a screen you will only see for a few minutes at the start of the game.

Personally, I would rather MichaelM spend his time on improving the game itself.

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