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el cid again -> Hangchow-Nanchang RR (12/8/2012 12:32:37 AM)

The project was completed in 1936 - so it is possible to go from Shanghai to Nanchang - and meet the North-South rail line of China.

Skyros -> RE: Hangchow-Nanchang RR (12/8/2012 3:59:16 AM)

I believe the Chinese demolished sections of this railroad as they did the road from Changsha to Canton. The developers must of left them out since they could not be repaired. I read somewhere that they loaded trains with explosives and detonated them in tunnels and destroyed rolling stock by dumping them in quarry's.

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Hangchow-Nanchang RR (12/8/2012 9:36:19 AM)

Correct, following a "scorched earth" strategy, the rail lines were destroyed by the retreating Chinese.

In my mod I have included the rail lines - but with low supply caps. The supply caps can be raised by base expansion, simulating repairs on the rail lines (consumes lots of supplies, so think twice whether it is really necessary). For base expasnion I have included port sizes in land hexes - the ports are useless for anything but raising the supply caps and this will avoid strings of monster air bases. Of course this approach requires house rules, e.g. no strategic movment unless there is an unbroken string of port 1 bases along the rail lines.

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