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Af1352pasha -> moddifiying teams number (12/7/2012 4:17:33 AM)

Over two weeks for checking and test this new title from MATRIX , I found it completely different and enhance version compare to previous ones.
Better graphic and visual effect , new models of table of organization in Fpools obviously put it into the first rank of this series.

However the modding possibility is another story. I saw too many talking about insufficient team numbers for huge maps and so on. But As I found Firstly design team keep to go very accurately for historical OOB , such as road block small battles groups for 117th and 120th Inf Regiments with detail at platoon or company level.That is one of the things I like it for WWII games.

But my request from design team , can you remove the limitation of battle group teams number? I didn't found any code in data files for modification of all battle group to full 21 active roster!
I think It put some where in exe files therefore it is out of our hand !!

Main pleasure for this game is more possibility of selecting 21 mix teams which is not available with two or three active roster in second and support platoon. Please make it open and remove limitation for our flexibility of choosing .

Steve McClaire -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/7/2012 5:46:34 AM)

The game is designed so that battle groups field a number of teams that represents their relative size.  A battle group that is one battalion in size will field less teams than a full regiment with three battalions plus attachements.  This preserves some feeling of force-strengths for tactical battles.  So we won't be changing this for the game itself.

The only way to increase the number of team slots a battle group has available is to give it more company-sized units in its force pool.  To do this you can edit FPools.txt and add more entries.  A force pool with 8 or more companies will have all 21 slots available.

xambrium -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/8/2012 10:14:41 AM)

would be better if you limit only the resources in the forcepool available at all and let the player decide how to use it..

kweniston -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/8/2012 4:31:06 PM)


ORIGINAL: Steve McClaire
This preserves some feeling of force-strengths for tactical battles.  So we won't be changing this for the game itself.

But will it be moddable for mods, other than stock PitF? Putting such values in the EXE and making them unmoddable has always been and will continue to be frowned upon by the whole modding community.

Even though the map sizes have increased during the years, the number of teams hasn't. Last chance to fix this (make more possible) with PitF... Please throw the community a bone with this final 2d version. Without them, this forum and these games wouldn't even exist.

Tejszd -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/8/2012 6:28:49 PM)

I believe in LSA the fpool number units in a BG was divided by a value set in the file to determine the number of spots that would available/open. I would hope that was left in place but haven't looked or tested if it is still there. I hope this isn't hard coded now???

Steve McClaire -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/9/2012 7:00:51 PM)

It is only 'hard coded' in the sense that there is a specific number of 'company sized' units in a FP to give a BG a number of slots.

However, the definition of 'company sized' is entirely moddable, via UnitStructures.txt. You could re-define an infantry 'company' to be only a real-life platoon, or even a single team w/ a sniper in it.  This does require more work than just changing a divisor ala LSA, but it can be done.

Af1352pasha -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/16/2012 5:42:12 AM)

I think modding Fpools is not the main challenge, everything depend on unit-structure. For making it proper to actually needs of combats we need to complete overhaul it. however official data is very near to real table of organization.

We shall wait for longtime to see the official excel workbook for data files!! but one of the things put close combat in our favorite is this modding possibility for data files.I can not imagine close combat without this possibility.

Is there any estimation date about realizing it by Matrix ?? Steve can you give some information?

Steve McClaire -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/17/2012 1:05:50 AM)

I am working on updates to the pathfinding and some changes to the multi-player screen and optimization. Once that's done I will clean up the data files and release the workbook.  I would estimate two weeks or so, but that's just an estimate.

WoT -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/17/2012 8:49:26 AM)

IIRC Last Stand Arnhem took over 12 months to release the workbook.

Just checked You could purchase the Last Stand Arnhem Beta testing files in July 2010

The workbook became available in July 2011 but not sure if it included all the various beta testing updates.

Af1352pasha -> RE: moddifiying teams number (12/22/2012 5:02:46 PM)

Dear Steve can you tell about E F G columns of unit-structure propose :

Armored Infantry Company 20 0 0 3 0 2 21 22 22 22 337 -1 -1

I think with three last ones, first and second platoon teams filling can be change.for example AT platoon with three guns and three carriers can be select for first platoon.

waiting for your target date for patch and workbook.

savage188 -> RE: moddifiying teams number (1/27/2013 10:02:00 PM)

I am new to the modding community and am just starting to understand how to do simple adjustments..however one thing I cannot figure out is how to change the number of units in the small BG's so that to fill the full 21 slots. I have seen it posted many times that changing the Fpool.txt file folder can accomplish this by adding more entries but everytime I try, I get an error message when trying to start up the game. Can someone please give me an example of what it looks like to add more entries or a step by step to complete the process. I would really apprecaite the help.

Af1352pasha -> RE: moddifiying teams number (1/29/2013 7:46:51 AM)

The First step is that after any modification check the proper running of game. With two much changing in data you will lost somethings due to error.

for using all 21 slots firstly need to have more than three battalion of team type ( infantry battle group need three Bn. of infantry , armor ....). then it will be happen.

look at below battle group Fpools data 21 in 4th line is total number of attachment units from A company to A Company / 610th TD Bn67 so when adding any new team you shall modify it to game run properly.

317th Infantry / 80th Division 18 0
0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91
0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
A Company 9
B Company 9
C Company 9
1st Battalion 6
D Company 14
E Company 9
F Company 9
G Company 9
2nd Battalion 6
H Company 14
I Company 9
K Company 9
L Company 9
3rd Battalion 6
M Company 14
317th Infantry Regiment 2
I&R Platoon 3
Anti-Tank Company 4
A Company / 305th Cmbt Eng Bn 60
A Company / 702nd Tank Bn 32
A Company / 610th TD Bn 67

So you can modify and also add new battle groups.
I will put a complete new modification to data ( team numbers , battle groups and more ) near future for reference and fun for players.

savage188 -> RE: moddifiying teams number (1/31/2013 9:09:36 AM)

Thank you so much man, I appreciate the tips, I downloaded the guide spreadsheet workbook that lets you know which number to corrolate with the type of teams you want to add to each line. I am basically doing trial and error on the german modifications, because I dont know what they all mean because of the german languages but im starting to get the hang of it..Do you know of any cheat sheet type guide that lets you know if you choose a certain german company for instance what all it has in that company? The spreadsheet has little red triangles on some cells that give you reference of what is in that line such as a company or platoon with tanks or halftracks, but sometimes ill add that corrolating number and I wont get what it says its supposed to be. However, Ill keep at it, trying to figure out what exactly is in each numbered line, until you post your second help message...but as I said before this has been very helpful, thanks again.

thesock -> RE: moddifiying teams number (2/22/2013 11:32:03 PM)

You can copy and paste companies from other units to up the number of companies to 8 to get the full 21 slots. Pick ss for ss etc. Having companies with the same name and number doen't work I find.
What you put in the support group seems to have no bearing on available slots.
I have changed the infantry company composition from 3 rifle platoons to 2 rifle platoons and a support weapons platoon that consists of 2 80mm mortars, 2 heavy mgs, and 2 hand held a/t wpns.
This way I can have a rifle platoon in the first box, and the heavy wpns platoon in the second box, and any armour in the third box. After all who wants to decide on taking a tank or a mortar, or a tank or a panzerschreck?
For street fighting I can replace the tanks with engineer units that deploy in the third box.

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