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Antmf -> Expansion Planner question (12/6/2012 6:07:14 PM)

Hey guys its the noob again lol. Anyways, When I look at my exp planner and I do a filter by resources does the top one show what my empire needs first and then I should send a const. ship there to set up mining station? HOw do I read the exp planner, and is it the same for colonizable planets when shown in the planner? Thanks...

Oh and by the way I can not stop playing this damn game and I know once I understand it more and more it will become that much more enjoyable. Thanks for all of your help guys. Its very much appreciated...

Cruis.In -> RE: Expansion Planner question (12/6/2012 9:00:27 PM)

no, it shows what you have, what you need and how much others have of the races you've discovered thats it. The expansion planner could show what potential colonies have.

If you want to see where resources you want are located, look in the bottom right hand corner box. To the bottom left corner of THAT BOX, you will see a circle globe thing, click it, it should bring up a view of the galaxy map. Filter it by what you want to look for, resources > carbon fibre, it will highlight all the planets you have explored which have carbon fibre.

Bingeling -> RE: Expansion Planner question (12/6/2012 11:08:50 PM)

I don't visit the expansion planner too often.

The top gives a quick overview of number of sources (mines mining it) and your and galaxy stores. It is the place to go to check if you got sources for all strategic resources, for instance. Generally AI managed constructors handle this just fine, though.

From memory, the middle/bottom got a selection of what to show. Potential colonies, your mining stations, or potential mining spots sorted by empire priority (according to AI).

I use this when I have lots of possible colonies, and want to decide which ones to pick (those with good locations, qualities and resources). If you click a location in this list the galaxy map will show where it is.

If I am looking for a resource, I prefer to use the galaxy map. Filter by "known resources" and choose your objective. If you click a highlight you target the highlighted object, and can see the details of its resources. I use this in shortages, and often related to resupply ship deployment. I want my ship deployed close to the action, and on a source that got the fuel I need, but not the other fuel. So a high quality caslon source that has no Hydrogen, and a high caslon percentage (before hydrogen becomes the reactor fuel of choice).

I miss more resource info badly. I would love to easily see a map of storage levels of selected resource across the empire (who got a good store of steel?)

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