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Pzt_Wruff -> Window Mode "Invalid Call" error (12/6/2012 7:55:05 AM)

Decided to finally try "window mode", and now I get an "Invalid Call" error when I try to boot the game.

Anyone know what this is about?

Pzt_Wruff -> RE: Window Mode "Invalid Call" error (12/12/2012 5:57:52 PM)

So I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and am still getting the "invalid call" error.

So LSA won't even boot since selecting the "windowed mode" option, even now after reinstalling the game.
So it appears that simply checking the "windowed mode" option has rendered this game utterly useless!

btw,, this non-existent Matrix LSA tech support sucks. I posted this issue a week ago, and still not a peep from Matrix tech support, as usual. [:-]

Pzt_Wruff -> RE: Window Mode "Invalid Call" error (12/12/2012 10:29:56 PM)

Ended up doing a system restore to before the date that I put LSA in "windowed mode", and got the game to finally run after another reinstall.

No thanks again to non-existent Matrix tech support.

Tejszd -> RE: Window Mode "Invalid Call" error (12/13/2012 2:53:08 AM)

Try updating Direct X and video card drivers....

STIENER -> RE: Window Mode "Invalid Call" error (3/10/2013 1:43:39 AM)

mine doesnt work in windows either. it crashes i believe. i just left the box un checked after that. [:(]

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