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jcjordan -> fm2 to be raised (12/5/2012 11:11:13 PM)

Looks like another old bird will be coming out at some point

Lake Michigan FM2

Mundy -> RE: fm2 to be raised (12/6/2012 12:55:54 AM)

The Great Lakes are pretty much a time capsule for this stuff. Too bad some TBDs didn't go down there. [;)]


John 3rd -> RE: fm2 to be raised (12/6/2012 3:56:44 AM)

That is pretty cool.

jcjordan -> RE: fm2 to be raised (12/12/2012 10:51:58 PM)

A follow up - plane was raised & looks to be in fairly good condition & will go the Pensacola to be redone. I hope they're able to get it to flying but from what I gather about Pensacola they're more able for non flying museum pieces but at least it'll be close to me [:D]

FM2 raised

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